2005 Spring Tour

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Many thanks to Ron Wright, Tostig Beenson, John Cartledge, Martin Wray, Paul Eaton-Jones, Keith
Henderson, Phil England, Tim Palin, Rhodri Williams and Bernhard Pospiech for their reviews.  Photos are
copyright of Hawklord of Shields ("JP") Paul Garbutt ("PG"), Bernhard Pospiech and Uwe Driever - thanks!
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18/05/05 - Middlesborough Empire                                                                         Above: pic by JP

For further pics of this gig, check out the gallery at
Tangled Woof

Review by Ron Wright:  Attended the gig last night having travelled down from Scotland with Alan
Taylor. First night of the tour and often fraught with problems but not tonight. Small venue meant that
the sound was being lost in the middle of the hall and small rear stage area meant that the backdrop was
not it's full height but that did not distract from an excellent gig.

Featuring the same line up from the last tour, including the dancers, we viewed proceedings from upstairs
where the sound was surprisingly good. Someone will supply the full set list but things got underway
with Spirit of the Age followed by an excellent version of Sword of the East and then Greenback
Massacre.  For a first night the band were really cooking and there was no slowing down or unnecessary
noodling in what was a high energy set.                                                    
Below: "It's down there!" - JP
19/05/05 - Blackburn King George's Hall    pic - JP
Review by Martin Wray: Wonderful gig in Blackburn
last night. I strongly suggest that if you can get to
any of the remaining gigs on this tour then do
anything you can to get along - I'm sure that you
don't need any encouragement and the guys were
absolutely blinding!

Things were looking a little ominous after Spacehead
were finished (they were also very good - well worth
catching if you've not seen them before, like me).
There appeared to be problems with the sound just
before the start. Richard's high hat also had to be
dismantled at the end of one of the songs too - but it
didn't seem to bother them. This has to rank in the
upper echelons of all the gigs that I have seen them
21/05/05 - Sheffield Corporation       Left: pic - JP

Review by Paul Eaton-Jones: As some have
already said the band played up a storm. Heavy, very
heavy, where it was called for, rhythmic, sublimely
melodic, joyous and relaxed even when Dave was
trying to get his guitar[s] to do the right thing.  
Dumpy was once again on top form both solo and

'Mistakes' that occurred didn't really make much

difference to the overall feel. I felt the audience
21/05/05 - Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall

Review by Phil England: Sunday night in May?
...must be Hawkwind at Wolverhampton.  Support
band, Spacehead, were on top form.  Crystal clear
sound, and a terrific rendition of 'The Right Stuff' to
finish off.  Must have been good, I bought the CD...  
So, onto the main event...

I kept telling myself that it couldn't possibly be as
good as last year, but I was wrong. The band really
are firing on all cylinders, and the Captain is a
revelation on the guitar.  His rhythm, as ever, powers
the band along, but his solos really lift them into the
stratosphere... WOW!!!  Opening number 'Spirit of
the Age' is real shivers-down-the-spine stuff, and has
a great interpretation from the dancers, who descend
from the ceiling in their white sheets.  Marvellous.

Other highlights were a really cooking Assassins of
Allah, and of course, Paradox, with some nice
tinkling piano!!!!  Of the new stuff, 'Out Here We
Are' is blissful, and 'To Love A Machine' is shaping
up to be a classic.  Dumpy came on for 'Brainstorm',
d 'Silver Machine' and played some really tasty
Review by Tostig Beenson: I must concur with
your reviewer, it was a great night!  I was
particularly impressed with Paradox - I have only
ever heard the studio version before and the live
version was far superior; It ranged from subtle to
ferocious!  Other memorable moments were great
versions of Angels of Death and Brainstorm.

Dave's guitar playing was the best I have heard
from him in a long, long time.  And if this wasn't
enough we were also subjected to the sonic assault
of Dumpy - Hawkwind really benefit from a second

The contributions of the support act Spacehead and
also the dancers was appreciated.  I'm so glad I
made the 2 mile round trip!!

cheers, Tostig Beenson
Above: Keith Barton of Spacehead - pic by JP

Review by John Cartledge: The last gig I saw in Middlesbrough was a certain Mr Calvert back in 85/86
on his Test Tube Conceived tour, so it seemed almost fitting that 20 years later (is it really that long?)
Hawkwind were the attraction.  The venue itself was pretty interesting. All art deco lighting and gothic
pillars. The stage was pretty small with a low ceiling so the backdrops were slightly obscured.      
pic - PG
play - great, great show. Highlights (IMO) had to be Psychedelic Warlords, Angela Android and Brainbox
Pollution. It was great to hear Paradox too. The venue was nice - not big with a very low ceiling that
caused the dancers one or two problems. Sound was very nice and clear and the guys looked as though
they were having a blast on stage. It was great to see them having a laugh and joke and so obviously
enjoying themselves. It was a nice crowd at Blackburn and Hawkwind seemed very appreciative of the
support. Far more so than I can ever remember in the past. Can't wait for the new album - I loved the
new stuff they played last night - and for them to come to Manchester later in the year.

The folks going to Sheffield, Wolverhampton etc are in for a treat. Enjoy.  :^D             
Below: pic by PG
could have been more respectful during 'Out Here We Are' and now started wandering off and talking and
I think their lack of attention during 'the spoken intro to 'To Love A Machine' may have caused Dave to
give up halfway through. But minor gripes only.

Review by Keith Henderson: Last night was great too....completely different atmosphere than
Middlesborough. Crowded sweaty sticky-floor rock club with low ceiling. Probably 450 or so in the
audience. Good energetic crowd, powerful sound. Dave had serious tech problems with his guitar, so he
switched to a backup after the first two songs. It was a cream-coloured Strat-type copy (?)...somebody
said it was Dumpy`s?  Anyway, while he dealt with these problems, the other three did an impromptu
synth jam that Richard added the lyrics to Adjust Me to. He tried later on to go back to the Westone, but it
still wasn`t working out right, so he stuck with Dumpy`s for the rest of the gig. Also they only did Silver
Machine as encore, so no Brainbox Pollution this time. Probably because the main show was already 100
minutes with the delays and extra song.

Review by Rhodri Williams: What else can I say but vintage Hawkwind!!  I have been following the band
since 1982 and have seen them on numerous occasions and this was simply the best they have been live
for years.  Loud, heavy, tight and moreover, they all seemed more enthusiastic than I remember for a long

The set list was balanced and varied, containing new classics such as the excellent Angela Android and To
Love A Machine along with old favourites Assassins of Allah and Assault & Battery / Golden Void.  But
for me the highlights were Psychedelic Warlords and Paradox (which i cannot ever remember hearing live

It was well worth the 5 hour drive the night before from Swansea, just a shame there were not more gigs
nearer...but that will have to wait.  in our party there was one person who had not previously been to see
Hawkwind and it was great to see a new convert!  Alan Davey is certainly more of a force these days with
a greater vocal role, impeccable bass work and a large stage presence.

Welcome to the future...
guitar... nice!  The sound was excellent throughout, and seemed louder than usual...nothing wrong with
that.   Classic band, classic music, classic performance... what more can you say?

-Phil (Psychedelic Warlord) England   
Below: pic - JP
Review by Tim Palin: The last time I saw HW was
at Telford at the back end of last year and although it
wasn't a bad gig, it certainly wasn't one that I or the
sparse crowd will recall as a stormer.  Now in the
space of a few months the lads have managed to
turn in one of their best shows for donkey's years.
Make no mistake, this was as good as the reviews of
the earlier gigs suggest.  I didn't disbelieve them but
I had to see it for myself!

I was pleasantly surprised by the turn out at the
Wulfrun -I prefer this venue to its' bigger next door
neighbour, the Civic- and it was good to see a
sizeable audience for Spacehead.  I hadn't watched
their set in full before as I seem to be consistently
late for HW shows, but I would urge anyone to go
and see them. Good sound, nice bunch of folks.

HW opened the set with a magnificent version of

"Spirit of the Age " and I wondered then if they had
peaked too soon.  O hawkfan of little faith!  Whilst I
make no apologies for not remembering the running order (how can people remain that rational when
watching the Hawks fly?) and I probably will recall a song they didn't play or forget one that they
obviously did, it seems that the set was similar to those earlier on this tour, viz :-

Angels of Death, Greenback Massacre, Sword of The East, Hassan-i-Sahba, Out Here We Are, Angela
Android, To Love a Machine, Psychedelic Warlords, Brainstorm, Golden Void, Paradox, Assault &
Battery, Where Are They Now, 10 Seconds of Forever and Silver Machine.  But don't hold me to that list!!

Too darned good to make notes!  The odd thing is that even after discussing the show over a half of
shandy (!) we still couldn't put our finger on why things worked so well.  I think it was a mixture of
things to be honest.  A set they are clearly happy with and very proficient at delivering (Mr Brock, your
guitar playing was a joy!), a venue that coped with the sights and sound of HW quite well and, above all
methinks, a very cheery and satisfied feeling within the band.  I make that last point because I can't
remember them looking like they were enjoying themselves this much for a long while.  So many smiles
and the odd jape from Dave - perhaps they should have titled the show The Mirth Ritual (sorry).

After an evening like this you have to ask yourself how they consistently deliver this well. Who else could
pull in such a mixed audience and please them all?

Thank you Hawkwind.  Again.

-The Pirate
Great versions of Psychedelic Warlords and the
slowed down Angels of Death were included along
with Assassins and Andrea Android in the main set.
However the highlight of the evening, for me
anyway, was the reintroduction of Paradox. This
has always been a favourite of mine and I have not
heard it played live for about 20 years. This new
version is astounding. Slowed down in parts and
with great piano being played throughout along
with some of the best guitar work Dave did all
night. This alone was worth the 400 mile round trip
to see the show. Where Are they Now, Assault and
Battery and The Golden Void (another personal
favourite) all were included before proceedings
were wound up with a great version of Brainstorm
featuring Dumpy.

For the encore the band stormed into Brainbox
pollution and then Dumpy reappeared for Silver
Machine to end the night.
Having seen the band live since 74 this was one of the great performances. Everything was spot on from
the vocals, in which Richard is becoming more prominent, to the content of the show. The dancers were
absolutely superb and complemented the music perfectly. Indeed it was hard to decide what to watch at
times, the band, the backdrop or the dancers. Normally I will have a moan because something I am not
too keen on was included but not tonight. They band deserved a bigger crowd than was present tonight.
If you are swithering whether to attend or not do yourself a favour and get to a gig on this tour.  This is a
show that really should be recorded for dvd. A lot of bands would give up seeing what the Hawks can
still produce.

Let's make sure we chart the single.  Roll on the Astoria!
few problems with the lyrics on To Love A Machine.  Highlight of the night for me had to be Paradox.  
They have reworked this with Dave singing the verses over a sparse piano/bass accompaniment before
cranking it up for the chorus and riffing/soloing like his life depended on it.  I'll add this to the long list of
Hawkwind moments that make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and the shivers go down your
spine.  Brilliant stuff.  Please give this a long run in the setlist.

After that it was good to see Assault & Battery / Golden Void segued together as they always should be
before going into Where Are They Now. Dumpy was brought on as guest for a fairly manic Brainstorm
intercut with Vega.  Came back for an excellent Brainbox Pollution and a solid Silver Machine, both of
which had my partner (a somewhat reluctant Hawkwind fan) dancing merrily.

All in all a really good gig. Dave, Alan & Richard on really good form, with new member Jason fleshing
out the sound with some nice keyboard work.  At one point in the proceedings the cry went up "You're
better than Oasis!"  Too right!
A somewhat disappointing turnout missed a
corking gig.  In fact, barring the last Hawkfest this
was the best I have seen them for a long time.  
Spacehead kicked off proceedings and came and
went fairly unnoticed by the somewhat sparse (at
this point anyway) crowd.  After this the number
of bodies increased and the usual air of expectancy
and excitement started to build.  I don't know what
it is about this band, as I get as excited now at the
prospect of seeing them as I did in my teens.  
Anyway, at about 8:45 Hawkwind took to the stage
and the familiar chords of Spirit of the age started
up. Dave at front of the stage looking and sounding
great (he's got more energy than me and I'm 20
years younger!).

From then on the gig just got better and better with
the new tracks sounding good although DB had a
26/05/05 - Helsinki Tavastia                                                                                 Above: pic by Juba

Review by Juba: Just a report of my first HW gig for 11 looong years.

At 10pm we got to the gig just in time to see Hidria Spacefolk play, and I think they were very good. They
played for 30 minutes, instrumental space rock, maybe a bit like Ozric Tentacles, but IMO better.

And then Hawkwind, with a large backdrop similar to the upper part of the "Spaced Out In London" cover,
and just ordinary rock lights, that is, no lights of their own, no slides,films or anything.

It was interesting to see Hawkwind as an ordinary rock band as well. It seemed to me that the start of the
show was a bit slow and restraint. Halfway through they really got it rocking and by the end they were
smoking.  Line-up as earlier in the UK, Brock, Davey, Chadwick and a keyboard player.  They were
laughing, making faces at each other and had a good time on stage.

Highlights; a powerful "Psychedelic Warlords"... "Paradox", beautiful with piano... "To Love A Machine";
including the f*ck up of the first verse, Alan seemed very upset.  The ending with "Assault & Battery / The
Golden Void / Where Are They Now / Brainstorm"; what power !!!!! A Very good version "Brainstorm".  
"The Right Stuff" with some jamming in the middle and a change of rhythm for the 3rd verse, pure magic.

"Out Here We Are" is a very nice tune, but I felt it didn't work as a live piece. Also beginning with "Spirit of
the Age" is not a hit, maybe if they changed place with the first 2 songs.

Nice to see Alan at the bar after the gig, I had a chat with him and, best of all, they plan to tour Scandinavia
in September. Fingers crossed !!!!                                                                            
Below: pic by Juba
Above: Alan, Dumpy & Dave at Middlesborough.  Pic by JP - thanks!
23/5/2005 - Nottingham Rock City

A Message from Dumpy!: It's a pity that nobody has
reviewed Nottingham yet as it was a really good gig,
plus you might not know yet as nobody has
mentioned it, but I've been singing the lead vocal on
Silver Machine at all the shows.  I've really enjoyed
playing with the band and find it a real honour that
Dave asked me to sing Silver Machine.  The bit about
Dave using my guitar at Sheffield was quite true - it
was my Fender that I use as Spacenutz, I'll have
some pics of it soon.  I've got quite a few good
quality pics of Nottingham and will let you have some
when DB gives the all clear.  Looking forward to
Croydon Friday: it's just a pity that none of the
promoters & venues on the tour have advertised who
the supports were!!

Cheers, Dumpy
Above: Dumpy as Spacenutz, at Nottingham
03/06/05 - Croydon Fairfield Halls

Review By ''Pye in the sky' : This was the first Hawkwind gig I have been to since the Astounding Sounds'
tour in the seventies.  Why the hell have I waited so long?!  This was a truly memorable gig.  The gig was
reasonably well attended, there were enough there to give it a good atmosphere.  Support were 'The Veez'
and 'Dumpy's Spacenuts'.  The Veez - a four girl outfit were pretty good, with a competent guitarist, but the
sound quality was not too good where I was sitting.  Dumpy gave it his all.  I have not seen him before and
was really impressed.

Onto the main course.  Matthew Wright guesting opened with some poetry then onto 'Spirit of the Age' as
opener.  It was quickly apparent that sound quality was back up to speed.  Sound, lights, dancers, all bloody
marvellous.  Dave played some mean guitar and I have to say that Alan Davey with that blinding
Rickenbacker sound and his excellent vocals gives the band a good solid base to work from.  It was good to
hear Psychedelic Warlords and Paradox in the set as well as Assault & Battery / Golden Void.  Matthew
Wright gave us 10 Seconds of Forever near the end and Dumpy came on for Brainstorm.  The encore was
Brainbox Pollution and Silver Machine, which saw Dumpy back on stage doing vocals on Silver Machine.  
Two guitars give the Hawks some real substance.

Set list was (I managed to get the lighting guy's set list -thanks!- so this should be authentic!); Sprit of the
Age, Sword of the East, Greenback Massacre, Psychedelic Warlords, Out Here We Are, Angela Android,
Assassins of Allah, Angels of Death, Paradox, To Love A Machine, 10 Seconds of Forever, Assault &  
Battery / Golden Void, Brainstorm.  Encore was Brainbox Pollution, Silver Machine.  The set list also shows
Masters of the Universe (with a question mark) in the encore.  This was not played, but then, we had
reached the Fairfield Hall's 23:00 curfew.  Highlights for me personally - Paradox, a slow and melodic
version, and a powerful and tight 'Warlords'.  When's the next gig?  It's not going to be a thirty years gap
again!  Well done and thanks to the band, dancers and crew for a great night out.
After the Croydon gig on 3rd June, Hawkwind went on to play a couple of dates in Germany two weeks
later.  They may not have been part of the Spring 2005 tour, strictly speaking, but our most excellent friend
Bernhard Pospiech was there and sends this report!                       Below: 17.06.05 - photo by Bernhard
I was standing with some friends in the 1st row (Rainer, Andreas, Alfred, Dennis, Christos, Nick Lee and
many more over the weekend), and so we had a great view of the stage.  We spent about 2 hours backstage
afterwards, and talked to Dave, Richard, Alan, Jason and Kris. Got some autographs :-)

There are now only 30 minutes to go until the 2nd Hawkwind show of the weekend, at the beautiful Loreley
venue. More about this to follow!

-Bernhard Pospiech
     Above: Thanks to Uwe Driever for these photos.  You can see more of Uwe's Loreley photos here

18/6/2005 - Loreley ("3 Days of Love & Peace")
Made it to the Loreley gig yesterday.  Great trip, great gig, great weather, great location!  This gig was not
as heavy as the gig the day before.  But again, all the band members were in top form and seemed to enjoy

It was the same set as the day before.  The only exception was the encore: Brainstorm (with Vega) instead
of Brainbox Pollution.  They played 10 minutes longer, but Hawkwind's only problem on both days had 3
letters: BJH :-(((  On both days they (Barclay James Harvest) played before Hawkwind, who headlined, and
unfortunately BJH played a bloody shit set, which overran.  Therefore there was not enough time for
Hawkwind to play a full set, due to volume restrictions.

A really wonderful Hawkwind weekend is over.   My wife went with me for the 1st time to a HW gig and
was very pleased!!!  WOW!!  Perhaps Hawkwind will be back in Germany next summer for the Burg
Herzberg Festival.  A perfect weekend is over and I am very pleased.  YES!!!

-Bernhard Pospiech
Loreley 18/06/05 - Thanks to Uwe Driever for this photo.  You can see more of Uwe's Loreley photos here
17/6/2005 - Giessen Brauerei ("1 Day of Love & Peace")
The gig yesterday evening was a real heavy one.  All four members (Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Alan
Davey, Jason Stuart) were in top form, plus there were two dancers: and no other guests.

This was one of the heaviest sets by Hawkwind I have ever seen, with lots of guitar work by Dave. It was
good to see some guitar-led high-volume Hawkwind supported but not dominated by electronics.
Above, Above Right & Right: thanks to Bernhard
for these shots from the 17.06.05 gig
Left: pic by JP

Review by Ian Trayler : The great thing about a
Hawkwind gig is that for the likes of myself at about
fifty it's a great reality check in one way or another.  
You look at everybody turning up and think crikey what
do you look like these days and then think blimey that's
what I look like!!  Then there's the guys who have
managed to keep their hair and wear it long which
makes me really jealous but then you see the grey and
realise maybe other than being a member of the band
you don't really get away with it.  BUT one thing we all
have in common is we love our band and always have
done !!

I was lucky enough to arrive quite a bit early on Friday
due to avoiding the traffic congestion and nosing
around happened upon the soundcheck and of course
wandered in.  The boys were in good form laughing
and joking amongst each other and the sound crew and
with Matthew getting plenty of advice on how to render
Seconds of Forever' from Alan and Dave along
with Dumpy and the band banging out 'Silver Machine'
it was really enjoyable.
The gig itself followed pretty much the same pattern as on the tour with 'Sword of the East' very powerful
and Brainstorm along with 'Angels of Death' really driving along, but my favourite was 'Where are they
Now'.  The captain was having a good laugh and joke with the crowd all the way through and although only
just over half full the atmosphere between the band and fans was cracking.  Matthew Wright did okay with
his readings and Dumpy really turned the juice up when he arrived upon the scene late on and all in all it was
a rockin' night all around !!
Review by MikRik : intended doing a review of the Croydon gig for submission to your site.  However, on
the night I got a little "over-refreshed" and so did not hit a place of disassociation where I could reflect and
note proceedings.  All I can say is I thoroughly enjoyed myself.   We missed all the support and got there
about 15 mins before the Hawks came on.  Bits I can remember are -

It was a full stage show and seemed to run very smoothly on the night.  The band seemed in good spirits -
Dave confirmed a September release for the new album.  Matthew Wright was there right through and I
could spot him standing at the side of the stage most of the way through it. There were rumours that
Vanessa Feltz (the TV presenter) and friend of MW was in the venue (to add to HW's cool image :-)  ha ha

I went for a p*ss and a beer and bloody missed Paradox.  What a fool!  Brainstorm was fab.  The new
numbers like Greenback Massacre sound increasingly good.  Dumpy's lead was effective and he and Alan got
into a bit of headbanging type behaviour.  The screen films / projections were great.  Security was very cool
- I saw no bouncers so people went up front and could take in drinks, smoke without too much hassle etc..

Well that's about it I'm afraid!  Must go and see Space Ritual again for a more looser type of gig.