Hawkwind Tribute Bands - Past, Present & Future

Something the world needs more of?  Email me here if you have information about any Hawkwind tribute
bands that you would like to see added to this page.  There must be many more such bands out there, and
this page is hopefully a starting point for finding out about them.
BRIGHAWK are a currently active space rock
band from the small village of Bonnybridge in
Central Scotland (famous as the UK's number one
UFO hotspot). They play their own material plus
Hawkwind covers. Some of the numbers they have
done are Silver Machine, Wind of Change, Magnu,
Damnation Alley, Angels of Death, Assault and
Battery, the Golden Void, Moonglum, Space is
Deep, Master of the Universe, the Pulsing Cavern,
Warriors and Psychedelic Warlords.  The band
consists of: Danny C on vocals, didgeridoo and
theatrics; Davey P. on drums and percussion; Faig
on bass; Warrie on keyboards, synthesizer and wind machine; Paul on lead guitar and vocals; and Tam on
rhythm guitar and vocals. Their first gig with this line-up was at the Martell, Falkirk on 13th June 2002.
They had not gigged previously since Christmas 2001 as they had been rehearsing material with their new
drummer (Davey P., who replaced Raz).  Check out their
website for gig reviews, pics and sounds.  A
quote from Danny: "Our very varied musical tastes and styles combine well to give a very distinctive edge
to our Hawkwind covers"  Next time I am flying over Bonnybridge in my spacecraft I will be sure to
check the veracity of this statement.
ROADHAWKS was formed by Rich Jones, the lead guitarist from Mournblade (who were signed to
Flicknife in the 80's) and existed on and off from 1994 to 1996, based in Luton.  They never actually
gigged, as the drummer moved to Sheffield, the bass player to Birmingham and Rich was in Northampton!

The band line-up was Steve King - drums/vocals; Paul (Chalky) White - Fender Precision bass + large
Calsbro bass combo /vocals; Jonathan Bates - Roland SH101 synth/audio generator - he also used a set of
VCO's to reproduce the classic HW non-musical synth effects; Rich Jones - guitar (Fender Strat/Marshall
100 MV stack, Colorsound Wah, Boss HM2 overdrive, Digitech delay) / backing vocals.

Rich says: "After years of trying to be a serious musician this was wonderful fun!  The drummer and
bassist came from another band, so already made a tight well-rehearsed rhythm section.  Even better,
they both regularly sang harmonised vocals.  This, coupled with my natural leaning towards Dave's early
guitar style (an enjoyable experience for me after years of playing 'pro' HM/HR when such an influence
was uncool) worked well and we gelled at the first rehearsal.  Playing 'tribute' to a band we all loved was
a really uplifting experience, as we came together with a broadly even level of experience - the usual
'breaking the ice' that first time line-ups go through was almost non-existent.  The HW material I
remember us playing included Master of the Universe, Brainstorm, Assault & Battery, Magnu, Its So
Easy, You Shouldn't Do That, Down Through The Night, Lord of Light, Kings of Speed, D-Rider,
Paradox, Hassan-i-Sahba and Psi Power.  The only other thing I'd like to mention is that I'd really enjoy
doing this again - with like-minded musicians and easy logistics!  Marshall 4 x 12's get awful heavy when
you get old!!"  Anyone in the Southern Midlands who wants to take up Rich's offer, email me & I'll pass
your email address on to him!
THE TIME BROTHERS were featured on Adrian Parr's Hawkeye on Hawkwind website in November
1999, as having recorded a couple of CD's of Hawkwind covers. They formed in October 1997 and are
still in existence (based in Lanarkshire - Scotland again...must be Space Rock Central) but have not
gigged recently.  The last time they did so was at the Derby Railway Inn in August 1999: the set lasted
35 minutes and included Reefer Madness, Spirit of the Age, Ejection, Master of the Universe and Choose
Your Masks.

In any case, the Time Brothers describe themselves as "an ongoing recording project around a core
nucleus of 2 people, rather than a live band.  We focus on getting good sounding, well played fully mixed
recordings (old fashioned '70s stereo panning a must!)"  The project consists of the nucleus of Gavin
Wilson - keyboards; and Dave Watson - guitar & vocal.  Others who have contributed are Jez Dacombe
- narrative (& bass); Ripper - bongos, percussion & vocals; Alan Wright - drums & bass; Michael
Dodd - sax; Liam McAteer - drums; Martin Cochran - bass; Donne Thomson - drums; and Doktor
Low-Tech "(our trusty percussion unit)".  Rather than doing straight cover versions, the band added
dialogue from the Hawkwind Log Book to existing HW numbers.

A 72-minute CD called "Star Travelogue" consisted of the tracks Our Wintering Is Done, Psychedelic
Warlords, Beyond Angel, Paradox, The First Of All, Assault & Battery, Golden Void, Magnu, Sonic
Attack, Master of the Universe, Paranoia, The Trail of Abandoned Futures, Brainstorm and Welcome to
the Future.  The unfamiliar titles are presumably the spoken word extracts from the Hawkwind Log.  
They also recorded a 26-minute CD EP called "Damaged Heads", with these tracks: Damage of Life,
Heads and Time We Left.  Dave Watson says: "Brian Tawn offered to publicise any material we had for
release, in his next Hawkfan, and so we decided to release both CDs simultaneously in September 1999.  
This was after we had sent the material in advance to Dave Brock, who generously offered to waive
publishing dues if we were only undertaking a small release, and so we restricted the pressing to 50 of
each.  Brian and Adrian Parr did most of the publicising in the UK, with mainly Crohinga Well and
Dietrich Pleiss publicising it on the Continent.  Since those first releases, another 4 full-length CDs, and 3
cassette tapes, of Hawkwind covers have been recorded under the Time Brothers banner.  None of these
have been made available commercially.  Various personnel have appeared on these recordings, but the
most prolific of the floating contributors have been Allan, Jez, and Ripper."  These CD's (which I've
never heard) may well be still available, check out the details on the Hawkeye on Hawkwind site... Dave
Watson currently plays an Epiphone Gibson SG guitar, and 1970's effects such as wah-wah, echo unit,
fuzz/phaser pedals etc..  Gavin uses the following synths: Roland Juno 60, Roland JD800, and Yamaha
CSX1, as well as a Roland JV1010 module unit, and he channels his gear though similar effects (echo,
wah, phasing etc) when needed.

March 2004: The Time Brothers have just announced limited sale of their video recording of the Space
Ritual, which was filmed early in 2003
ALIEN SKY, who were also called Sky City, were a band based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia,
playing their own material as well as Hawkwind covers.  Among their more prominent gigs have been
playing the Cooran festival on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  They were then temporarily unable to
gig as they were trying to recruit a new bass player.  The band consisted of: John Ringshaug - drums,
djimbay, and sometimes vocals; Ben Musgrave - Vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, and sometimes
keyboard synth; Russel Lassig - Keyboards, vocals, and sometimes percussion; Alistair the Celt - lead
guitar, rhythm guitar, and sometimes synth guitar.  Guess what, there's another Jock connection as
Alistair hails from Scotland!  Ben says: "The Hawkwind tunes we play, we try to do as authentically as
practicable.  BTW if you hear of any Bass players wanting to do space rock, even in a remotely adjacent
geographical area, please encourage them to get in touch with us :-)"  I guess this didn't pan out as Ben
some months later (Oct 2002) said: "The original Hawkwind cover band that we had; 'Sky City',
unfortunately broke up. Mostly due to the distances / travelling time that was involved.  The drummer
who started the band, John Ringhaug, continued on with new members, notably: Nimo on keyboards, and
Alistair on guitar / guitar-synth. The latest version of the band is called  'The Space Doctors'...
SILVER MACHINE were, up to 2003, the best established
Hawkwind tribute band in the UK, playing regularly in and
around London. The band consisted of Dave Moran -
vocals; Marvin Page - lead guitar; PSimon - synth; Paul
Welton - drums; and Steve Pope - bass.  Their set list
included Who's Gonna Win The War, Uncle Sam's On
Mars, Golden Void, Steppenwolf, Psi Power, Death Trap,
Flying Doctor, Angels of Death, Psychedelic Warlords,
Urban Guerilla, Levitation, Jack of Shadows, Ejection, The
Watcher, It's So Easy, Master Of The Universe, Hassan-i-Sahba, Seven By Seven, Spirit Of The Age,
Hurry On Sundown, Orgone Accumulator and Brainstorm (phew!).  The venue that they most often
seemed to play was the Royal Standard in Walthamstow, opposite Blackhorse Road tube station, for
example their gig there on October 4th 2002.  They have a promising looking evening lined up for
Hawkfans on 24th May 2003 at the Jericho Tavern, Oxford, supporting the Assassins of Silence - who tell
me that there should be a return match with Silver Machine headlining in London later in the year (which,
IIRC, didn't happen).

March 2004: Although they appeared on the Autumn 2003 'Daze of the Underground' tribute CD, I've not
heard of any activity from Silver Machine for nearly a year.  I don't believe they're still a going concern.
formed in 2001 and are
still active in New Jersey (USA)
and used to play a set that was
about half Hawkwind covers and
half their own Psychedelic Space
Rock material. Nowadays they are
"a NJ Based Space Rock Fusion
Outfit who go from Jazz to Jolt in
the blink of the Eye of RA". The
band is made up of Brother Anubis
Re - Vocals, Tenor sax, Soprano
Sax, Alto Sax & Synth: Troy -
Drums, Guitar, Bass: John -
Guitar, Alto
Sax: Brian - Bass, Flute, Soprano Sax: Dustin - Guitar, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Alto Sax, Keys.Numbers
in the set at one time included Ejection, Needle Gun, High Rise, Orgone Accumulator and Urban Guerrilla.
Brother Anubis Re says "The band is still very much together but is no longer a 'Tribute Band' as we have
changed lineups and come into our own as a New Jersey Space Rock Band writing originals!"  Check out
website, and anyone reading this who lives in NJ, you can support your local deities by going to see
the Cosmics...
SUN MACHINE were from Cleveland, Ohio, and were active from 1996-98.  Most gigs were at the
Phantasy Night Club (or the Symposium next door) in western suburban Cleveland.  The lineup was fluid
and unpredictable, but included Dann Diefer - vocals, acoustic guitar; Mark (?) Marianetti - vocals,
poetry; Steve Taylor - guitar (mainly?), sometimes bass (?); Steve Hayes - keyboards; Thom Marianetti -
drums; Jim Lascko - lightshow; Scott Kuti - lights, occasionally vocals, Spaceman suit; Doug Walker
(one-time special guest) - synthesizer, flute/sax.  Greg Kozlowski (guitar) of Architectural Metaphor also
played as a one-time special guest at their debut gig on New Years Eve 1995.  Tapes of this gig were
credited to the "Angels of Death" band as they had not yet settled on the name of Sun Machine.  Jim
Lascko has since of course done the lights for Hawkwind at the Strange Daze U.S. Space Rock festival
and on their UK Autumn 2001 tour.  Steve Taylor guested on bass on the 2000 New Zealand tour and
both Steves are members of the Star Nation project.  Sun Machine's setlist included "The Demented
Man", which was a specialty of Dann Diefer (who when playing solo usually billed himself as Diefer
Dann, and performed some older Hawkwind acoustic tracks.  He also included "The Watcher" and "We
Took The Wrong Step Years Ago" in his repertoire).  Apparently Diefer Dann played as a solo artist,
doing a mixture of original tunes and covers, years before Sun Machine formed, and opened for Tim
Blake at the Gallery Cafe (east suburban Cleveland) on his Magick tour in approximately 1990.

July 2005: Steve Hayes emailed me to list the line-up as "Bill Spear - bass guitar; Dan Schnell (Diefer)-
guitars/vocals; Tom Marianetti - drums/vocals; Steve Hayes-keyboards; Steve Taylor- lead guitar.  That
was the core of the band..other characters came and went.  The coolest part is that 2 of us actually went
on to work with Hawkwind!"  
(Steves Taylor and Hayes at 1998 Strange Daze and the 2000 New Zealand
tour in the case of Mr.Taylor)
AD HAWK were put together on short notice (as you'd expect
from the name), to fill an empty slot on a bill at Port Lite, an
unfriendly dive in Oakland, California, in June/July 2000.  The
set: Warriors / Assault &; Battery / Golden Void / Quark,
Strangeness & Charm / Ground Control to Cockpit / Ejection /
Ten Seconds of Forever / Brainstorm / Welcome to the Future.
"Silver Machine" and "Spirit of the Age" were also rehearsed, but
the band got cut off before those songs could be played.  
Personnel were Doug Pearson (ex-Primordial Undermind) - lead
Dig that Beard of Bees
keyboards, synths & electronics; Grady (of Liquorball, Monoshock, Patchords, etc.)- guitar, fx, backing
vocals; Marlon (of Liquorball) - Rickenbacker bass, backing vocals; Chris (of the New Lows, ex-Cul de
Sac, Bullet Lavolta, Clockbrains) - drums, percussion.  Guesting were Greg - flute; Kendra (Dogbreath's
drummer) - poetic recitation on "Ten Seconds of Forever"  Doug says: "Chris was invited because he
was the master of the relentless pound, the kind of drummer who relished playing You Shouldn't Do
That (or Mother Sky or Sister Ray) for a half hour without dropping a beat; Grady's incendiary work
with Monoshock had established his prowess at both rhythm and noise in his guitar work, both essential
sonic ingredients for a Hawkwind tribute; and nobody in the band could think of any other bassist they
knew who would consume as much Jack Daniels and speed as Marlon.  All were Hawkwind fans
(though none so rabidly as me), so it wasn't too difficult to put a set together with just one rehearsal,
two days before the show."  They were actually offered a second gig, but unfortunately, it fell during the
week of Strange Daze 2000, which meant that some band members weren't going to be in town.  Over
the next few months, both Grady and Chris moved to Southern California, so that was the end of Ad
Hawk.  Doug Pearson played on and organised the American space rock Hawkwind tribute CD
"Assassins of Silence/Hundred Watt Violence" and some of the other bands in which members of Ad
Hawk played also feature on that CD.  It is worth getting hold of, and is much better than the Rituals of
the Solstice UK tribute which is basically a techno album...(yuk)

Postscript, 12th September 2007: "For Ad Hawk's second show, seven years later for his 40th birthday,
Doug (keyboards, synthesizers, electronics, vocals) assembled a new lineup with Tom Carter
(Charalambides, ex-Mike Gunn, Primordial Undermind, sideman/jam partner for Thurston Moore,
Jandek, Butthole Surfer King Coffee, etc.) - guitar, fx, vocals; Austin Lannan (Doug's frequent tribute
bandmate in the likes of "Mongoloid", "Blowie", and "Ghost Of Curtis", currently of The Mass) -
Rickenbacker bass, vocals; Adam Beach (Uptones) - sax, flute, vocals; Donny Newenhouse (ex-Film
School, Two Gallants, Holly Golightly, and many others) - drums.  This time, the band was able to play
a complete set of Earth Calling > Born To Go; Assault & Battery > Golden Void; Spirit of the Age >
Sonic Attack > Orgone Accumulator; Psychedelic Warlords; Silver Machine; Brainstorm; Ten Seconds
of Forever > Urban Guerilla.  Appropriately, Tom handled lead vocals on Assault/Void, Austin on Silver
Machine, and Adam on Brainstorm and Sonic Attack.  Carrie Hourihan (ex-Wendy Kroys) from the
opening band, the Get Offs, took guest lead on Orgone Accumulator, and Kendra Ayers provided
continuity from the previous lineup  with a repeat recitation of 10 Seconds Of Forever, phoning in the
performance (just like Michael Moorcock on Yule Ritual) from her hotel room on vacation in Vienna
Austria (technical complications delayed its appearence in the set until after Brainstorm).  The next Ad
Hawk show is expected to take place in less than seven years from this one, although the lineup will
probably be just as..."
[Transmission ends...]
SHOT TO PIECES were a Hawkwind tribute band who lasted for about 12 gigs in the early 1990's.  
Kev of the Planet Loanhead website played guitar in this band and provides the following details: "The
band was a 50% Hawkwind Cover Band and 50% of anything else that took our fancy. Having some
trouble remembering the set list but it was based on these regular numbers: Silver Machine / Flying
Doctor / I Do It / Masters of the Universe / Brainstorm / Time We Left This World Today / Paranoia.  
The line-up was Clive Maddox (Vocals), me (Westone Thunder 1A guitar through 100W Marshall Valve
Head, very Early Roland digital effects unit with a shit-hot Flanger and Phaser, plus delay units and
others), Nick Barnes (guitar/vocals - earlyish Fender Strat through 100W Marshall Valve Head and a
huge box of pedals), Dave Ridley (Drums), Adrian (Bass, played through a huge Peavy combo, about
250W I think) and Ray (occasional Roland keyboards)
FRIENDS & RELATIONS were a Brighton-based band around in the early to mid-1990's.  Harvey
Bainbridge or Huw Lloyd-Langton may have played with them...no other details are currently known...

AUSTRALIAN HAWKLORDS probably also operated in the mid-1990s...their set included
Assassins of Allah, Motorhead, Assault and Battery, the Golden Void, Neon Skyline and Lost Chronicles.  
No other details are known as yet...
DARK SUN and SPEEDO [that's
an unfortunate name]
are two
bands from Finland, who played
a Hawkwind Tribute Gig on
15/03/2002 at Semifinal,
Helsinki.  This was sponsored by
Finnwind, the Official Finnish
Hawkwind Association.  See the
pic on the right: there are
certainly a few nods in the right
direction in the picture, i.e.
Rickenbacker bass, violin, etc.,
but it does bear a disturbing
resemblance to a Greg Allman
lookalike competition....and why
is that bloke covering his face?!
A live recording of the event has
Dark Sun at the Hawkwind Tribute Gig in Helsinki, Finland,
15/03/02.  You Know You're Suomi Dreaming...thanks to Finnwind
for the pic!
SPACE RITUAL (not Nik's band) - from Bergen, in Norway, are described as "a space rock orchestra
that play *mostly* Hawkwind songs"  They gig occasionally rather than constantly and include Sonic
Attack in their set.  Led by "Dennis" Reksten, their double bass drums are painted with the 'Warrior'
motif.  Dennis is said to have been old friends with Hawkwind in the early 70's and apparently owns or
runs the Garage, a local rock joint in Bergen, where Space Ritual presumably play from time to time. I
suppose they'll have to change their name now that Nik Turner is going out as Space Ritual.  How about
xSpace Ritual as a name? :-)
SPIRIT OF THE AGE are a new Hawkwind tribute band who are making their debut on the 14th
September 2002 at the Adelphi Club in Hull, UK.  The band is a four piece, featuring: Galwah - Guitar
and Vox; Captain Chaos - Bass and backing Vox; Denbo Drumwind - Drums and Vox; and Hippy Andy -
Keyboards.  Denbo explains the genesis of the band as follows: "Spirit of the Age was first envisioned by
the bass player (Carlos) and the guitarist (Gal) - they didn't think they would get anyone to play with
them who liked the 'Wind, or had even heard of them.  They came to a gig I was playing with The
Happy Durals (a punk band), just as a night out, and I knew them both (as Hull as has large musician
population but very few venues to play: so we all tend to hang out together at other bands' gigs).  After
we had finished I was having a chat with them and they mentioned they were forming a band and asked
if I was interested, they needed someone to fill in on the drums to get going.  When I asked what type of
music it was they sort of did an embarrased shuffle and mumbled something I couldn't understand (I
had been on stage for two hours with a 4k rig in my ear, so I was a little deaf anyway).  They thought
that because I was previously the drummer with Reanimator (thrash band) and was now in a punk band
I would be dismissive of Hawkwind, if i'd even heard of them - so when they actually told me, a big
smile came across my face and I promptly went through the whole of Quark Strangeness and Charm
lyrically and Spirit of the Age, right there at the bar, and their faces were a picture...  So we started the
next week and as they say, the rest is history..."  He also says: "We have a full light show including
strobes, smoke, twister 4's and Futurescans but we couldn't get a license for the lasers as the venue roof
isn't high enough!!!  We are being recorded off the desk and being video'd and we hope to produce a
DVD...We are also supporting Dave Allen from Gong and his new band from LA at the end of
September and we will be looking to take gigs elsewhere in the country..."  Apparently the band have
already sold 150 tickets out of the club capacity of 250 and it could well be a sell-out.  The set list is as
follows: Spirit of the Age, Motorway City, Arrival in Utopia, Angels of Death, Sonic Attack, Lighthouse,
Damnation Alley, Hurry on Sundown, Black Corridor, Space is Deep, Assassins of Allah and Masters of
the Universe.

Now that Spirit of the Age's debut gig has come and gone, I asked Denbo how it went.  He says: "It was
far, far better than we expected in fact 'interstellar' would be a phrase I would use.  We had a Hawkwind
fanzine writer come to see us and he has done a review: another guy thought we WERE Hawkwind,
bless him.  And yet another thought we were a band who played our own stuff and said we had a bright
future in front us if we continued to play innovative music like we did at the gig!!  (We did put him right
by the way, and expect he will buy some CD's.  We also had another person who called the guitarist and
said he had gone out and bought 3 Hawkwind CD's so mission accomplished as far as we are
concerned, we have spread the word!!  Unfortunately the recording didn't happen as the outputs into the
recording desk were broken.  Those Hawkwind nuts who turned up got dancing and all were very
complimentary afterwards and couldn't believe it was our first gig and of course want to know when we
are playing next.  A couple of people left because the lights were too much for them, but people were
warned and we won't be changing that aspect because it worked for us on stage, no-one in the audience
could see us - we were just shapes, which to us was the point, we are NOT Hawkwind and never will
be.  We are just apostles who try our best to spread the word of Bob (Calvert) and Dave Brock. So with
us not being recognisable it reinforces the message and the music HAS to be right as it is the most
important aspect.  The venue are desperate to have us back, which is always a good sign. We will be
gigging in 4-5 weeks, we need to learn 5 or 6 more songs as for the 3rd encore we had to do Motorway
City again, although we did rock it out, it was fantastic to play it with everybody dancing, clapping and
cheering and we just got off on the whole thing.  We are thinking of doing a track off Captain Lockheed
as well, either Ejection or The Right Stuff.  We could have still been playing now if the audience had
their way, in fact one guy went to the owner and offered him £100 to let us play longer and keep the
bar open!!  No shit, it was that kind of night.  So in conclusion we are very, very happy with the way it
went and we are looking to improve on the performance and take it further afield."

In the interests of impartiality I hope to be able to quote from the fanzine review mentioned above, but
Denbo's enthusiasm comes across pretty clearly.  I'd just like to point something out, though, about the
bloke who offered the club owner £100 to stay open: some people will do anything for beer...:-)
ASSASSINS OF SILENCE, who are based in
Oxfordshire made their debut on 30th October
2002, and have since become the UK's top
Hawkwind tribute band, having played at the 2003
Hawkfest and having hosted / headlined
CelebrationFest in June 2004.  The band has had
some line-up changes since their inception and the
best thing to do to really check them out is to go to
website for the latest in line-ups, set list, etc..  
Despite the authentically Hawkwindesque fluidity of
their membership, bass player Dave Adams
captains the ship and has been ever present, along
with Chris Crosskey - both pictured (front & right

The Assassins are often joined by ex-members of
Hawkwind, most notably Huw Lloyd Langton and
Simon House, impressive! The band consists of
Dave Adams - various Rickenbacker basses,
Fender Bassman head and Trace Elliott cab, plus
vocals; Kevin Perry on Ibanez guitar and Spider
modelling amps; Ben Deschamps from Canada on
tenor sax, flute & violin; Chris Crosskey on
keyboards (Roland
Something tells me this may not be suitable for
small children - it's well out of date now but it's
staying here!
SPACEFOOD are a new Hawkwind Tribute band
based in Congleton, Cheshire (UK) and are still in
the process of formation at the time of writing
(March 2003).  They've yet to gig or do any
recordings, but include Master Of The Universe,
Orgone Accumulator, Motorhead, Sonic Attack
and Born To Go in their setlist.  Lead guitarist
Kristofer comments "all the members have done
many gigs together in other bands, so we know
each other very well."  Kris plays an Epiphone SG
through a Zoom 2100 pedal and/or a Boss GT5,
into a Marshall 50watt stack: "he Boss GT5 has
such a massive range of weird and wonderful
effects, it is perfect for Hawkwind."  Other
The strange young people of Spacefood
personnel: Tomski (Tom Sadler) uses Yamaha drums and Paiste cymbals. Chill ed out dude (Chris
Hanger (Matthew Cliffe) on rhythm guitar uses a Yamaha guitar and through the powers of modern
technology uses Kristofer's amp at the same time as Kris is...  Other occasional SpaceFooders are
Waynus (Wayne Hartshorne) on bass, and Rosalindo (Rosie Potts) on Sax.  The band's
describes Cliffe Hanger as their "resident midget" (!) and Waynus has apparently been cast as the band's
'bottom filler'.  Er, right...
THE SPIRAL STARE are a space rock band based in Leicestershire who play
quite a few Hawkwind covers (Wind of Change, Down Through The Night, Star
Cannibal, Uncle Sam's On Mars and Master Of The Universe), as well as original
material - plus the odd Ozric Tentacles and Tangerine Dream tune.  The band
consists of Phil England on guitar (left-handed Epiphone SG, and Tanglewood
Memphis, Marshall 8080 Valvestate, Digitech effects) and vocals; Becca England
on bass (Tanglewood Violin bass) & synths (ARP Axxe); and Tom Lane on
drums & percussion (Zoom 234 programmed drums and basslines).  Venues the
band has played include the Huncote and Ashby Festivals, plus a few local pubs.  
Phil says "We are on the lookout for new members, e.g. drummer and 2nd
guitarist - phone 01530 261731 for info"
I thought it was
'The' Spiral Stare?
7 BY 7 are apparently a new Hawkwind tribute band who recently (June 2002) played a gig in
Cirencester, Gloucestershire (UK).  I am looking for more information about them...

THE ORGONE ACCUMULATORS are a Cornwall-based tribute band, possibly brand new, and played
a gig at the Prince Of Wales pub in Falmouth on Friday 12th December 2003.  They are a four-piece
covering the musical bases of guitar, drums, bass and electronics, and had a lady guest violinist on
Wind of Change.  Other numbers in their set included Down Through the Night, Motorhead, Orgone
Accumulator, Upside Down, Hassan-i-Sahba, Master of the Universe and Silver Machine.  These were
described as 'extended improvisations' which apparently went down well with the 'typical Hawkwind
crowd'  (Thanks to Ian Abrahams for the info!)
Thanks to: Miikka Wagner, Allan T. Grohe Jr., Jill Strobridge, Nick Lee, Grakkl, Doug Pearson, Danny
C, Captain Mikel Anubis, Rich Jones, Ketil Svendsen, Dave Adams, Milo Black, Chris Clayton, Phil
England, Steve Hayes, Gordon Williams, Andy Williams, The Count, Hawklord of Shields

Lastly, it's not quite the same thing, but check out some cover versions of Hawkwind songs at Kevin
Mountain Grill website
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SONIC ATTACK are a new Hawkwind tribute
band from Melbourne, Australia.  They consist of
Andrew Williams (drums), Anthony Rushton
(guitar/vocals), Ric Duckett (bass/vocals), Roy
Taylor (Synths) and Gordon Williams
(guitar/vocals).  They describe themselves as
being "devoted to the alternative, progressive,
space rock bands of the 70's and beyond -
specifically Hawkwind", and to what extent they
are a tribute to Hawkwind specifically rather than
to the genre as a whole would depend upon their
set list, I guess (and I don't know what numbers
they play).  Check out their website for upcoming gigs & pics at http://www.sonicattackband.com

20/7/2006: I just heard from Andy Williams (Sonic Attack's drummer, not the American crooner!) who
points out that "at the moment we do ONLY Hawkwind songs as three members including myself are
fanatical when it comes to the Hawks.  Our set list includes (in no particular order) Assault and Battery,
Golden Void, Needle Gun, Spirit of the Age, Love in Space, Quark, Strangeness and Charm, Warriors,
10 Seconds of Forever, Silver Machine, Uncle Sam's On Mars, Psychedelic Warlords, Shade Gate,
Brainstorm, Masters of the Universe, Time We Left This World Today, Right to Decide,
Hassan-i-Sahba and Fahrenheit 451.  We are also are working on another group of Hawkwind songs -
with plans to do our own after that"
Another band called SONIC ATTACK were active in Liverpool in the mid-80s.  Word reaches me
from The Count, who was a member of this concern:

"Just happened upon your HW Tributes page and must apologetically inform you that a long time ago,
and very far away, oh alright, 1985-ish, I may have been involved in a tribute band...  It's like this : a
mate of mine (John A) was a raging HW fan. I played guitar (a bit). Several other mates professed
musical ability on a variety of instruments. Personally, I had the Quark album (bought for the princely
sum of 10p!) and liked it, but I was confused by the alien sounds emanating from the "Masters Of The
Universe" compilation...

AND THEN... Inner City Unit played Liverpool. All of us went, with several others in tow... by this
point, I'd accustomed myself to the astounding sounds of HW 70-78 and was ready for anything...
Nik, Fred, Steve (and at that time Dave A) were stunning. We all exited deciding : a) Nik Turner is a
madman, and b) let's form our own band: tomorrow!

Which we did... the set was about 80% HW covers, with another 15% ICU and one or two of our
own... the band delighted in the name "SONIC ATTACK" and recorded a number of gigs, one of which
was reviewed in the ICU fanzine... the "lack of riddim" referred to by Dead Fred was due to the drum
machine, er, blowing up... never had a live drummer, much to my chagrin... God knows why anyone
sent him THAT tape, then!

Anyway, we gigged a bit, and then most of us gave up... the songs played (apart from our own) were
Sonic Attack (natch... the singer appeared in a labcoat reading the words from the HW Lyric Book),
Paranoia, Master Of The Universe, Brainstorm, Psychedelic Warlords, the dreaded Silver Machine,
Reefer Madness, Quark, Spirit Of The Age, Damnation Alley, Welcome To The Future, PSI Power,
Watching The Grass Grow, Beyond The Stars and no doubt many more...

Line-up : Neil Attwood (keys and noises), John Aubusson (appalling Calvert wannabe vocals), The
Count (guitar and occasional synthery), Dylan Evans (saxster of the universe), Guy Salkeld (replaced
on bass by Dave Weaver) and a drum machine.  AFAIK, only me and Dylan are currently still playing.
Hell, it was fun!

Yours with a serious case of tinnitus...The Count"

Nov 2007 post-script from The Count: "Dylan Evans has continued to blow jazztastic sax on many gigs
and sessions, notably alongside jazz legend Andy Sheppard, and once teaming up again with The Count
as guests with Nik Turner's Fantastic All Stars. The Count himself has kept in regular contact with Nik
and associates, and has guested with Nik's Galaktikos, Space Ritual and various other conglomerations
and Nik has returned the favour by appearing live and in the studio with The Count's current band, The
Jalapenos (last two albums recorded at Dave Anderson's studio). Outside of The Jalapenos, The Count
has also played with "national treasures" (John Peel) Half Man Half Biscuit."
WIND OF CHANGE are a new (as of Nov 2006) Hawkwind tribute band that has been formed in the
North of England - they are planning will do covers and some original titles.  They are currently
rehearsing and expecting to gig in New Year.  The band line up is: John W.Pattison; Keyboards and
synth. Peter Clements; Guitar and vocals. Tom Alexander; Bass and vocals. and Marc Graham; Drums
and percussions. More details as dates are finalised.
As this page has been around since 2002, pretty
much all the bands mentioned here have been and
gone, but
HOAXWIND are still alive and kicking
in 2010.  They just craftily played a set at a pub
near the HMV Forum, starting early enough to
draw in fans who'd come to see Hawkwind
themselves nearby.  So they were the unofficial
support band for the finale of the 2010 winter

Hoaxwind pay visual tribute to Quark-era Calvert,
but there's enough hairyness in the band to suggest
that their description of themselves as playing tracks mainly from Hawkwind's "classic" 70's period is
true.  Especially the bit about recreating "the sights, sounds and smells of their hypnotic and
unpredictable live shows."

They go on to say that their setlist includes "Orgone Accumulator, Angels of Death, Master of the
Universe, Ejection, Kerb Crawler, Brainstorm, Hassan I Sabha, Assault & Battery, Death Trap, Shot
Down in the Night and, of course, Silver Machine, as well as many others."  I lifted this from
Hoaxwind's Myspace page, where you can check out sounds, photos and video.  They come highly
JD-800, audio generator and Chameleons); Simon Murdoch on DW drums and Zildjian cymbals; and Des
McGovern on occasional vocals and lighting
been released as the world's first all-Finnish Hawkwind Tribute album
Jan 2013...a long overdue update on the doings of Ad Hawk starts with set lists from a couple of
subsequent gigs:

09/07/2008 @ SF Hemlock Tavern (same lineup as 2007)
Standing At The Edge; Spiral Galaxy 28948; Death Trap; Assault and Battery; The Golden Void; Orgone
Accumulator; Motorhead; Steppenwolf; Sonic Attack; Time We Left; Master of the Universe; Welcome to
the Future; Silver Machine; Urban Guerilla

14/06/2010 @ SF Blue Macaw (same lineup as 2008, plus Micah Warren aka Wendy Stonehenge of
Glitter Wizard on lead vocals)
25 Years; Death Trap; Quark Strangeness and Charm; Orgone Accumulator; Spirit of the Age; Sonic
Attack; Brainstorm; Flying Doctor; Urban Guerilla; Earth Calling; Born To Go

And then, my informant tells me this:

"Ad Hawk played our fifth-ever show (after one each in 1999, 2007, 2008 & 2010) on 22/12/2012 @ SF
Benders.  The occasion being the 40th anniversary of the first recording date of the Space Ritual album.
You can download our performance here...

Setlist: Reefer Madness; Wage War; High Rise; Quark Strangeness and Charm; Black Corridor; Space Is
Deep; Dreaming+Electronics+Jam; Orgone Accumulator; Upside Down; Ten Seconds of Forever;
Brainstorm; Seven By Seven; Silver Machine; Welcome to the Future

Micah Warren - lead vocals (aka Wendy Stonehenge of Glitter Wizard) [2010-]
Mike McKevitt - guitar, vocals [2008-]
Adam Beach - sax, flute, vocals [2007-]
Doug Pearson - keyboards, synthesizers, audio generators, vocals [1999-]
Henry Austin Lannan - bass [2007-]
Donny Newenhouse - drums, percussion [2007-]

... and Scott Telles of ST37 & My Education guested on "Standing at the Edge" and "Sonic Attack".

Oh, and apparently there is (or was) a gay Hawkwind tribute band in LA called Cockwind!  (I wouldn't be
surprised if they're related to another tribute band called Black Fag...)"
Above & left: Ad Hawk in action December 2012
April 2013...more of them come out of the woodwork.  UKEWIND have a Facebook page and
Youtube link.  SPACE ROCK MANIFESTO, from Toronto, are also on Youtube.  And hailing from
Chicago were yet another band called SILVER MACHINE, have no less than 4 Youtube clips available
for viewing -
here, here, here and here.