1974 Tour Programme Excerpts

I've been trying to get hold of a 1974 tour programme for quite a while now, but I'm obviously not bidding
high enough on Ebay - the last 2 that have been sold there each fetched over twenty quid.  The main
feature of the programme is the Michael Moorcock short story "A Dead Singer" which doesn't interest me
all that much, along with some already familiar photos of band members.

, However there are a few more interesting snippets like some info on Liquid Len and less well known
pics.  These, although not very well reproduced, are what I've chosen to put on this page.  (There are
more excerpts than those shown here...some I am keeping back for specific purposes)
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Welcome, friend of Hawkwind, to our tour. You probably know that, with
the exception of two dates this summer, this is our first tour of Britain since
The Ridiculous Roadshow last Christmas.  But we have not been idle since
we last saw you.  In that time we have recorded and released a new album
Hall Of The Mountain Grill and toured the United States twice.  We have also
been to Europe and Canada.

Tonight we will be introducing you to our two new members.  Del Dettmar,
of course, has gone to live in a cabin by a lake in a forest in Canada with his
wife Ros.  Simon House, who plays keyboards, synthesiser and violin joined
us from The Third Ear Band, before which he was with High Tide, to replace
Del.  In the summer we also acquired a new drummer.  Simon King, who
plays a lot of football and supports Chelsea (still?) broke some ribs in a game
and Alan Powell, who has drummed with many good bands including Vinegar
Joe and Chicken Shack, deputised for Simon on our European tour.  Then
when Simon recovered they discovered they liked playing together and we
liked two drummers in the band so Alan stayed on.  We hope you like it too.

Apart from that most everything else stays the same.  Dave, Nick, Lemmy,
Stacia, Jonathan Smeeton, Steve, Bob, Douglas, Jon Lee, Val and Richard are
still with us.  Pete our drum roadie got busted and couldn't get into the States
so Ian replaced him and we acquired a new personal roadie in Stuart, whilst
Higgy became tour manager for the USA tour.

This time our tour doesn't have a name or a concept as such.  We'll be playing
FEEDBACK   -   The People's Friend / The Enemy's Foe   -   FEEDBACK
February, we'll be recording a new album, after
which we'll be touring in the States and Europe
again.  In America we've recently moved to
Atlantic Records, which is nice.  The album will
probably be ready around April or sometime like
that.  In fact Dave has started putting ideas down
at Rockfield Studios in Wales already.  Stacia is
hoping to get some things of her own together and
Simon House, Simon King and Alan Powell have
been working with Michael Moorcock's Deep Fix,
about whom there is some information further on.  
So there'll be plenty to listen to from us this year to
make up for "Mountain Grill" being the first album
for 18 months.

Lastly, we hope you enjoy this booklet (designed
by Barney Bubbles, who does all our design and
compiled by our publicist Richard Ogden) and we
hope you enjoy the show.
Left: a sidebar from
the programme
explaining who does
what as far as
management and
crew are concerned

Right: give
yourself a pat
on the back

Below: another
sidebar, retyped
this time, all
about Liquid
Len & the

Jonathan Smeeton - Liquid Len
John Lee - 1st Assistant
John Perrin - Electro-engineer
Sally Vaughan - Artist in Chief
Mick Evans - Graphic Artist
David Hardy - Independent Artist

Liquid Len started into lightshows back in 1967 when UFO and the Electric Garden (Later, Middle Earth)
in London were in their heyday with three 1000 watt projectors. At that time nobody knew what
lightshows were capable of.

Through '68 and '69 Len spent time on the road in Europe flogging the lightshow horse.  1970 was a year
when lightshows were old hat, so with survival in mind, he switched to stage lighting, soon to be touring
with Frank Zappa, Beefheart, Traffic, Free, Mott the Hoople, and summer festivals.

In the summer of that same year, Steve Winwood persuaded Len to build a new lightshow incorporating
for the first time the keyboard control system.

Living in Ladbroke Grove one couldn't help knowing a bunch of freaks who lived in a yellow van. The
then 'young' Nik Turner would often convince Len to turn up for free shows they set up around London.
This arrangement went on until the summer of '72. While Len continued with Stage lights always on tour
or hanging out with Andy Dunkley.

Summer '72, after losing all his stage equipment in a fire in Switzerland whilst with Zappa, Len was invited
by Hawkwind who (still into the multi-media trip) invited him to form the new lightshow prior to the Space
Ritual, along with Mike (Molton Mick) Hart, then of Proteus Lights. This combination was the real start, a
20 projector show.  Also at this time John Lee was recruited, along witli his 17cwt van, to act as Britain's
first lightshow roadie.

Sally Vaughan, who had been responsible for the first sets of animation slides for the Traffic show back in
'70, started on new projects and was soon engaged in producing some mindblowing effects, and David
Hardy, already established as Britain's leading sci-fi artist, contributed over 150 Space-Scape slides.

With the Space Ritual tour in sight John Perrin was asked to build a headphone system; they haven't been
able to stop him since.  He just kept on making Len's fantasies electronic realities.

After taking the Ritual show on tour in the UK and Europe Mike Hart dropped out to continue his career in
the London Zoo as a biologist, leaving the rest of the crew to continue with the rapidly expanding show,
through 1973.

1974 has proven the most remarkable year as most of the slide material has been replaced, new concepts
evolved, plus massive experiences involving revolutionary equipment and the influence of three major tours
in the USA.
many old favourites and some new ones too.  Jonathan has some great new lightshow effects of which
he's very proud, particularly the Tree/City sequence.  When the tour is over, sometime towards the end of
Above: Nik Turner modelling some lovely knitwear