Treworgey Tree Fayre DVD review

Many thanks to regular contributor Graham P for this review!
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Finally watched (and thoroughly enjoyed) the Treworgey Tree Fayre DVD.

This features Dave, Alan, Harvey, Simon and Richard all looking impossibly young, as you’d expect
from a video shot 20 years ago, playing under canvas on a small and poorly lit stage, with a primitive light
show and some dry ice. The picture is fuzzy and the sound fuzzier, with only Simon’s violin emerging
with any clarity from the murk. In several places there are clear audio glitches.

Man of the match, unquestionably, is Simon House – his violin playing is central to the sound pretty much
throughout and contributes to some (almost) classic versions of some old favourites. On the down side,
Dave directs the band through various medleys of bits of songs – and lets Alan take too many lead vocals.
On balance a worthwhile, and enjoyable, addition to the canon.

After an iffy start, with some rather perfunctory playing and singing, the final section of “Brainstorm�
kicks the set into life. “Down Through The Night� though is no more than a brief and spacey excerpt,
the sound dominated by Simon’s violin and Alan’s bass. “Treadmill� is given more or less a full
outing, spiced up visually by some fire juggling/fire-breathing and enhanced by Simon’s splendid lead
violin playing. It segues into a truncated “Time We Left�.

Simon’s violin yet again makes the difference on “Hassan-i-Sahbaâ€�, just about making up for Alanâ
€™s vocal deficiencies. He is also prominent on a very good “Assault and Batteryâ€�, sung by Dave.
Unfortunately Alan sings the first verse of “Golden Void� (with Harvey on backing vocals), rather
spoiling the effect. It’s not that he’s a poor singer, it’s just that the band already has one very
good lead vocalist and
Golden Void is Dave’s song. Anyway, Dave joins in on the second verse, and a
fire juggler is on stage for the entirely excellent extended instrumental coda.

Bridget appears to sing on a decent version of “Back in the Boxâ€� and this is followed by a lively â
€œArrival in Utopiaâ€�, sung by Dave and with an extended (and not a little tedious) instrumental / fire
juggling sequence before the band segue into a brief and intense “Paranoia� (uncredited) and a slow
and relaxed excerpt of “You Know You’re Only Dreaming� sung by Alan. Without a pause, the
band then move seamlessly into “Damnation Alley�, yet again sung by Alan.

Jerry Richards joins in for a punky “Needle Gunâ€�, sung by Dave. This is followed by “Ejectionâ
€�, sung by Alan, and a rather fine instrumental closer in “Lost Chroniclesâ€�, with Simon’s violin
filling the spaces left by Huw’s absence.

The package contains 2 DVDs, “with� and “without� added visuals. The one I watched, labelled
“with added visuals� looked pretty much untampered with except towards the end, where a few visual
effects had clearly been added. Of course though, this is a Voiceprint release so it turns out that the version â
€œwithout added visualsâ€� is actually the one WITH added visuals, which appear (on a very rapid skim
through disc 2) to consist mainly of splashes and swirls of colour all over the place. I wouldn’t say they
detract from the experience but they don’t add much either and are no substitute for a proper lightshow.

-Graham P
Here is the blurb from which is the Voiceprint website set up to sell their
recently issued DVD’s and CD’s:

Hawkwind / Treworegy 29th July 1989 - DVD / £14.99

Treworgy Tree Fayre

This show was filmed at the Treworgy Tree Fayre in July 1989 and the band line up at the time included
Dave Brock, Simon House, Richard Chadwick, Harvey Bainbridge and Alan Davey. Special guests include
Bridget Wishart and Steve Barnard. The band performs key tracks such as Hassan I Sabha, Damnation Alley
and Brainstorm.

Track Listing:

1.  Intro Jam
2.  Brainstorm
3.  Down Through The Night
4.  Treadmill
5.  Time We Left This World Today
6.  Hasan I Sabha
7.  Assault and Battery
8.  The Golden Void
9.  Back in the Box
10.  Arrival in Utopia
11.  You Know You're Only Dreaming
12.  Damnation Alley
13.  Needle Gun
14.  Ejection
15.  Lost Chronicles

Apart from the obvious misspellings of song names in the preceding blurb, special guest “Steve Barnardâ
€� actually refers to Steve Bemand (who had played with Richard Chadwick in 80’s festival band Smart
Pils).  However, the back cover of the DVD credits Jerry Richards instead.  In fact Steve Bemand did guest
with Hawkwind at the Treworgey Tree Fayre, but not on the performance captured on this video.  As
Graham rightly points out in his review, it’s Jerry Richards who appears on the DVD.  The explanation,
as documented on the
Gig & Set Lists 1989 page is that Hawkwind played two sets at this Festival.  The
one that was filmed took place on the Wango Riley stage in the evening of 29th July 1989, with Jerry
Richards guesting.  They played a second set in the early hours of 30th July, on the Traveller’s field
stage, with Steve Bemand on lead guitar.

Thanks to Mark Coggins, Steve PXR5, Rob Dreamworker and Steve Bemand himself for the clarification!