You will need:

* One of the images shown below on this page (yes they are reversed, this ensures they go
onto the T-Shirt correctly)
* A colour printer
* Thermal transfer paper (available from PC World in the UK, or Longs Drugs in the USA.
Lexmark and HP both make decent paper - use the best you can afford as it makes a huge
* An iron
* A pillowcase
* A flat, heat-resistant surface (e.g. formica kitchen worktop - NOT an ironing board!)
* A T-Shirt (light coloured works best)

1.Load a sheet of the thermal transfer paper into your printer. Take care to insert it
the right way round - check the instructions that came with the paper

2.Right-click on one of the images below and select Save Picture it to your

3.Open the saved image into a graphics package such as PaintShop Pro or Microsoft Photo

4.Print the image, using the graphics package to ensure that it is printed on the full
width and/or full length of the paper - the bigger the better.  Cut off any unprinted
area, e.g. white space around Doremi shield design, leaving just a fringe of unprinted
area around the design.

5.Turn the iron onto the hottest setting and let it warm up.  Important - no steam!

6.Put the pillowcase down onto your ironing surface and ensure it is not creased or
wrinkled.  Lay the T-Shirt on top of the pillowcase, again ensuring it is not creased
or wrinkled.

7.Put the printed image face down onto the T-Shirt and place it carefully - ensure it is
centred, not too low and not too high.

8.Using a circular motion, iron the paper for about 1 minute.  Make sure the edges are
ironed thoroughly.

9.Lift the paper off.  If it won't peel off, it needs more ironing.

Voila!  You now have your own homegrown Hawkwind T-Shirt.  It will feel stiff and unnatural until it has
been washed, this is quite normal.  You can wear it as soon as it has cooled off!  The images are below.  
Remember, they have been reversed deliberately, this is so that they will go onto the T-Shirt properly.  (You
don't want a T-Shirt that says "dniwkwaH", do you?)
This was the
cover of the
original cassette
issue of Weird
106, I believe
A version of
Barney Bubbles'
Roadhawks poster
The one that
started it all.  
I used to
have a
T-shirt like
this that I
from an ad
in the
Maker in
1978 or so.  
Sadly missed
(well, until
Another attempt to recreate another classic 70's
Hawkwind T-shirt.  I still have my original but, er,
it must have shrunk
Mark Robertson's superb colour Doremi
image, appears here with his permission.
If some of these look a bit blurry, it's because they are shrunk
down to fit on this page. Downloading them in the way I
suggest will give you the full size images.  If in doubt, you can
always edit the images in your graphics package to sharpen
them up...or change the colours, add text, etc.. You can also do
a test print first onto ordinary paper , to be sure that it is going
to look OK
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Make Your Own Hawkwind T-Shirt, Part 1