Make Your Own Hawkwind T-Shirt - part 3

Please refer to Make Your Own Hawkwind T-Shirt, Part 1 for the instructions.  This page contains
only images (might be slow to load, please be patient) which I mostly obtained from elsewhere on the
web and then edited as necessary to make them suitable for T-shirt design.
All of these are from album / CD / EP /
single covers.  Their inclusion here means
that I liked the design, not that I think the
album is worth getting.  Bring Me The
Head of Yuri Gagarin is undoubtedly the
worst Hawkwind album in existence.  
Ridicule, Zones and Glastonbury 90 are
stinkers, too!
If some of these look a bit blurry, it's because they are shrunk down to fit on this page.  Downloading
them in the way I suggest in the instructions will give you the full size images.  If in doubt, you can
always edit the images in your graphics package to sharpen them up...or change the colours, add text,
etc..  You can also do a test print first onto ordinary paper.
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