Make Your Own Hawkwind T-Shirt - Part 5

Please refer to Make Your Own Hawkwind T-Shirt, Part 1 for the instructions.  This page contains
only images (might be slow to load, please be patient) which I mostly obtained from elsewhere on the
web and then edited as necessary to make them suitable for T-shirt design. Some of them were
runners-up in the competiton on the offical Mission Control site at Xmas 2000, and are reproduced
here with the permission of the artists
I am also trying to locate Richard Somers, and Mik Webb for permission to use their images from the
Xmas 2000 competition - if any of you are reading this, please email me
by Michael Blackman
by Mark Robertson
(permission implied by
previous granting of same for
another image)
by Stuart Currie
by Keith Barton
by Kevin Sommers
by Nick Lee
here's one I prepared earlier
^--All four of these designs reproduced by kind permission of Gary & Anna of IMAGINOS Design--^
These 2 images based upon the work of Neil Lucock - see his website
by Chris Shaw
Above: a famous photo from the
Winter 79 tour - text added

Right: Night of the Hawks DVD cover
Based on Michael
Blackman's "Brock Trip"
If some of these look a bit blurry, it's because they are shrunk down to fit on this page. Downloading them in
the way I suggest in the instructions will give you the full size images.  If in doubt, you can always edit the
images in your graphics package to sharpen them up...or change the colours, add text, etc..  You can also do
a test print first onto ordinary paper.
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