Make Your Own Hawkwind T-Shirt - part 6

Please refer to Make Your Own Hawkwind T-Shirt, Part 1 for the instructions.  This page contains
only images (might be slow to load, please be patient) which I mostly obtained from elsewhere on the
web and then edited as necessary to make them suitable for T-shirt design.
Above: all of these superb designs were created by Freebooter who is probably disgusted that I have
reduced them in size, to reduce the amount of diskspace they consume.  Sorry Anthon!
Hawkwind Family Tree
Canterbury Live 2001 cover
- do your bit for sales by
advertising it on your chest
Another design by Stuart Currie,
used with his permission
Based on the back cover of Hall
of the Mountain Grill
(original by David Hardy)
Below: 1981 Sonic Attack design
Above: where not labelled otherwise, these designs are from CDR covers.  I have asked permission of
the artists in those cases where I knew whom to ask.  If you created any of these designs please contact
here so that I can credit you for your excellent work!
Above and right: these 2 designs by Hawkshead, who
sends his permission for their use all the way from
Africa, were entries in the Mission Control T-shirt
competition at Christmas 2000.  Grateful thanks!
NEW - Make Your Own Hawkwind Temporary Tattoos!

Well I finally tracked down a place where you can buy Temporary Tattoo Paper for inkjet printers.  In
the USA, Smiths supermarkets carry it.  It's also purchasable over the internet - see below.  (I've tried
this paper out and it was a bit crap, actually - the 'tattoos' are actually stickers & work better as such.)

Instructions follow the image
This image looks blurrier than it is, it was shrunk down to fit on the page.  Follow the instructions below &
you will download it fully sized & unblurred

Temporary Tattoo Instructions

You will need:

* The composite image shown immediately above this text
* A colour printer
* Temporary Tattoo Paper, available online
here and also at some supermarkets in the USA
* A damp cloth

1. Load a sheet of the temporary tattoo paper into your printer.  Take care to insert it
 the right way round - check the instructions that came with the paper

2. Right-click on the composite image above and select Save Picture it to your

3. Open the saved image into a graphics package such as PaintShop Pro or Microsoft Photo

4. Ensure you have set the paper size appropriately.  (The paper I found is 8.5" wide,
 5.5" high.)

5. Print the image, using the graphics package to ensure that it is printed on the full
 width and/or full length of the paper - the bigger the better.

6. Allow the printed image to dry completely.

7. Peel off the backing from one side of the double-sided adhesive film that came with
 the paper, and press the printed tattoo paper face down onto the film

8. Cut out the individual tattoos.

9. Peel off the remaining backing from the adhesive film and press onto your skin.

10.Use a damp cloth to wet the release liner thoroughly - then peel away the backing to
 reveal all.

Now, these people who sell the Temporary Tattoo paper also sell other specialty papers for inkjet printers.  
I'm not going to attempt to produce designs or instructions for these, but you can also make the following
items if you're so minded.  There is a link to the page to make an online purchase of each type of paper:

* Bumper stickers -
* Transparent decals (those plastic thingies that adhere to the inside of your car windscreen) - here
* Fridge magnets - here
* Mouse mats - here
If some of these look a bit blurry, it's because they are shrunk down to fit on this page. Downloading them
in the way I suggest in the instructions will give you the full size images.  If in doubt, you can always edit
the images in your graphics package to sharpen them up...or change the colours, add text, etc..  You can
also do a test print first onto ordinary paper.
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