Make Your Own Hawkwind T-Shirt - part 7

Please refer to Make Your Own Hawkwind T-Shirt, Part 1 for the instructions. This page contains
only images (might be slow to load, please be patient) which I mostly obtained from elsewhere on the
web and then edited as necessary to make them suitable for T-shirt design.
Left: Take Me To Your Leader CD
cover - you too can give the band
some free advertising...
If some of these look a bit blurry, it's because they are shrunk down to fit on this page. Downloading them in the
way I suggest in the instructions will give you the full size images.  If in doubt, you can always edit the images in
a graphics package to sharpen them up...or change the colours, add text, etc..  You can also do a test print first
onto ordinary paper.
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Above: photo by
Fred Rogers
Above left, left, and below: cosmic scenes improved out
of all recognition by the addition of a simple piece of text!
Above right: based on Barney Bubbles' HOTMG image
Above & left: vintage poster designs
Jim Skinner's runner-up entry in the Xmas 2000
T-Shirt design competition on Mission Control
Nature abhors a vacuum almost as much as I
abhor an empty space on a web page.  So here's
this unusual 1989 poster design, ready to go onto
a T-shirt.  Reminds me of the trumps in the
Amber series of books...