The Two Daves

(More from Swedenrock 2004)

So there's Dave Wyndorf immediately after Monster Magnet's set being interviewed by Vanessa
Warwick for the official DVD of Swedenrock 2004 (available for purchase at the official
website).  Mr.Wyndorf is answering a question about the number of older classic rock bands also
playing at the festival...
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DW: It's like my dream come true.  I came in here, I got off the tour bus and within 20 minutes I was
jamming with *Hawkwind*.  Now, Hawkwind was my favourite band when I was 11 years old - now
we're sitting here talking, I can hear *UFO* playing...It is like a time warp.  It's like an LSD trip / time
Suddenly  he is rudely interrupted by an interloper....
"Yeah, I was...who the f*** is that back there?  Hey I'm trying to do an interview here!!"
DB: I'm just saying a goodbye.  And we're going to see you again in Finland, you know...

DW: Absolutely

DB: Well, take care and have a good trip to Ghent.  (To camera: They're going off to Ghent in Belgium, you
see.  Busy boys!)  And we're going to see you again.

DW: (visibly moved)  Man...I tell you...that was such an honour

DB: Well...thank you very much.  It was our pleasure.  And we're going to do it again.

DW: We'll do it again when we get to Finland

DB: And we're going to get Lemmy to do it, Lemmy's going to make an appearance.  We're all going to be

DW: We'll get a chance to talk properly...

DB: (sings)  "We'll meet again...don't know where, don't know when..."

Both: "...but I know we'll meet again, some sunny day..."

(DB leaves)

DW: Dr Strangelove!  Take it easy, Dave...

Vanessa Warwick: You can't get any better than that!

DW: It's like, awesome: I could never play another show in my life and be totally happy.  That guy's like
my hero....
"What's the big idea, old timer?  Think this is show
and tell?"
"I'll choke the living sh*t out of you!"
(Dave B:) F***, he must weigh 10 stone more than me... A swift knee to the bollocks should sort him out...
"Let that be a lesson to you, sonny boy!"
(Dave W:) Oof! The old guy's tougher than he looks
I know, I'll just push him over...
...Yep...there he goes...