1995 U.S. Tour Diary

This first appeared in "American Hawk Tales" fanzine, and is reproduced here by kind permission of the
author, Jim Collins.  The photos were not with the original article but were taken at the St. Catherine's gig on
5th April 1995
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Rick's home town. We get there plenty early and ready
to help. We unload and help set up some equipment. I
also was able to reserve a whole side of the balcony
where Jerry Lascko, Eli Friedman, Mike Coleman and
other friends sat. They were great seats. We go out and
find some props (gifts for the band). It seems they are
a little shy of props. Rick also brings things from home.
Among them, a sword which is used in Hassan-i-Sahba
at every show throughout the tour. We thought it
would be lots of fun to go pick the stuff out, kind of
being part
of the band. We came back and the place was getting crowded early in the day. Lots of people I knew were
there. Mike Coleman from Texas, Eli Friedman from New York, Dave Hess from New York, Dirk from
Florida and tons of other out of state travellers. Dave Hess brought t-shirts and stickers as gifts for the band
and others. Enough for the band to sell them. After much to do socializing, we quiet down for Dave Brock's
sound check. Dave is in an extremely creative mood. He is very lucid and flowing. His solo sound check
lasted about 45 minutes and took us from Agents of Chaos to 1969.  It was incredible. About 45 minutes of
more socializing, then the rest of the band comes out for sound check. Alan takes about 20 minutes warming
up his keyboards and synths and then jumps to the bass.  He also seemed pretty chipper today. It should be a
great show.

The show opens with "Masters of the Universe". First time this song has been played on tour and a very
good rendition. The crowd is very loud and quite intense.

It gives us an indication that this will be a high powered gig. A short rendition which changes into "Do That"
quite neatly. The heads just keep right on thrashing and you can feel the intensity grow. Next we get "White
Zone" to mellow us a bit. Then they sling us into "Golden Void". So far Dave is doing most of the singing and
quite an excellent job too which brings out those déja vu feelings again.

"Death Trap" is next and it really gets going. Ron takes over and Robert Calvert comes out. Wow this really
takes everyone to another level up and out. We slide into "Wastelands of Sleep" which allows us to come
down a little but not for too long as they start building with "Iron Dream". Wow, then "Assassins of Allah".
Well that's it the place goes up for grabs. If you could meter the crowd's positive cosmic vibes they might
break the meter. "Assassins" slides into "Space is Their (Palestine). Today there is a little more guitar than
usual which touches us right. Then sliding back into "Assassins" and ending heartily. We start again with
"Altair" a mellow synthy ambient piece used as an intro to "Robot" where again Ron goes Robert and Ron
kicks butt. Well, Dave is really getting it on the guitar. This is quite a peppy Dave. What energy!  Fantastic!  
Now "Alien" and the crowd quiets in amazement. Ron gets full attention as he changes his voice to be the
"alien". Next is "Elfin" which is part of the "Alien". This part sounds like an alien love song with a bluesy
feeling but not the blues musically speaking. The crowd is in awe and shows their appreciation. Next is "Pipe
Dreams" which has not played before either. They use this as sort of an intro to "Urban Guerilla" which again
frenzies the crowd. Then "Silver Machine". Again Dave goes off. Great show! "Welcome to the Future" and
we say thank you, Welcome. Encore time and the crowd never stops. This is a real Hawkwind crowd. What
enthusiasm and energy.

Set list included: Masters of the Universe, Do That, White Zone, Golden Void, Death Trap, Wastelands of
Sleep, Iron Dream, Assassins of Allah, Space is Their (Palestine) (good guitar). Assassins of Allah, Altair,
Robot (great guitar playing), Alien, Elfin, Pipe Dreams, Urban Guerilla, Silver Machine, Welcome to the
Future and LSD.

It is a shorter than usual show with a couple of different songs. Very intense, best so far. The crowd was an
excellent catalyst for the lysergic alchemy procedure.

I get a day's rest at Rick's house. I leave Buffalo and go to New York. I had to miss the Atlanta, Georgia
show and the Springfield, Virginia show. I arrived at Doug Walker's house a day in advance. I was able to
rest there too. Doug has a lot of music to listen to. He plays a lot of different kinds of music. It's always an
educational music clinic. Its lots of fun too. Well, it's off to the Limelight, Doug and myself.

New York

We get there in the evening. The stage is already set. Sound check starts right away as there is an opening
act. A band called "Finally Balanced" opens. They are acquaintances. Very nice people with a tight band. Lots
of people there from out of town including Gina Warren of Griffin Records, Chicago; Mike Coleman, Delta
Wave, Dallas; Brian Perrera, Cleopatra Records, Los Angeles. A great show. The only part I remember well
is trying to get everyone to spell R-O-B-O-T.
New Haven

We were running late and as we came in the door
"Golden Void" was playing and ending. "Death Trap"
was next. I finally got everything together by
"Wastelands". "Assassins of Allah" had a very ambient
sound and feel tonight.  "Space is Their (Palestine)".
"Altair" and I clear my mind and have a chance to think.
Extra stuff going on. Best "Altair". Crowd goes crazy
for "Robot". That reminds me, thanks to Doug, I finally
got the lights for Ron's robot costume but we were
late. He won't be able to use them until the next gig, in
Cleveland. "Alien" then "Elfin". Another great show.  
They're getting better.  It hardly seems possible but they
get better every show. Lots of synths today. "Urban Guerilla".  The crowd is fighting off the total
mesmerisation. It sounds like they're going to play "Uncle Sam's on Mars", no. More "Urban Guerilla" then
drum solo through reggae style "Urban Guerilla". "Silver Machine" - "Wahoo!" says the crowd. Fast
synchronous with good vocal harmonies.  Most excellent. "Welcome to the Future" Lots of applause
throughout and after the narration people are yelling for "Micro Man". The crowd is totally frenzied and can't
be quieted until the band comes back to do the encore. Band comes back out on stage and Alan has not come
out and Dave says something about poor Uncle Al he has a bit of a cold. A very different intro vibe guitar and
bass feedback that sounded like it was played with a bow? Excellent "LSD". Improv intro drenched in
morning glory nectar. What? I am lost. The most far out LSD so far. People are thrashing, clapping, smiling,
wow! Yelling and laughing.

We say our goodbyes to the band, especially Doug. His last visit with the band, good old friends. Next day
Doug and I say goodbye and I am off to Cleveland to see my good friends, the Lasckos and a ton of others.
Lots of good people here. Jim Lascko picks me up from the bus.


I sat with the Lasckos and Mike Duncanson. This show was more stretched out; ambient; synthy; and a
more tryptic set. Best show again.

Set list included: Masters of the Universe, Shouldn't Do That, Golden Void, Death Trap, White Zone, Iron
Dream (Silicon Chips in My Head), Hashish, Space is Their (Palestine) back into Hashish, Business; Robot,
Alien, Elfin, Devotion, Urban Guerilla, Silver Machine, Welcome to the Future and LSD.


Why do I always have to be ashamed of my home town? The venues are greedy and inconsiderate of band
rights. This is one of the biggest venues on the tour so the band hopes to make good money here to help pay
for the tour but instead gets ripped off. Now that I have got that off my chest I can tell you what a great
show and what an even greater audience to play to. I was pleased to say that the fans acted in a considerate
fashion towards each other and showed an extreme zeal and excitement for the music and artists. I am proud
to say that I was part of that crowd.

Our day began in starting our trip early that afternoon to the Park West. I went on the equipment truck with
Scott O. and Alan the Ghost. Dave Gruber (lighting technician) left with Ron Thain. My wife stayed at home
to wait for the Lasckos to arrive from Cleveland. When I got to the venue I went in and got someone to get
us parked correctly for unloading which took about one hour to get the truck parked. We loaded in and set
up. During this time tons of Hawk fans were already showing up to meet and greet the band. Fans included
Pierre Thompson, Mike Coleman, Bruce Fortin from Texas; Rick Bales and friend from Alabama; Mark
Sperhauk from Minnesota; Jim and Jerry Lascko from Ohio; Dave McCarty from Michigan; Gina Warren
from Griffin Music; Jim Derogatis, music critic from the Chicago Tribune.

Pierre Thompson gave Dave a lab coat that he hand painted many Hawkwind scenes on the front of. The
band was quite impressed with it.

We had a difficult time getting back stage passes. But most of us got them.

Dave spends a lot of time with the fans after the show. He signs countless autographs, talks with the fans,
and poses for many, many pictures.

After the show we made the trip home. Richard and Ron from the band spent the night at our house. The
equipment crew: Alan the Ghost, and Dave Gruber and also the tour manager, Syalis spent the night too.
Scott O. spent the night at our house but didn't exactly sleep in the house - he slept in the equipment truck.
Mike Coleman, Pierre Thompson and Bruce Fortin; Jim and Jerry Lascko.  We all stayed up until about 4:00
a.m.  We all had a great time. Everyone found a corner of the house to crash in and went to bed for a few
hours. Since Richard and Ron had to leave at 9:30 to meet the other members of the band for a press
conference at Griffin Records, the alarm was set for 8:30 a.m. We all get up and breakfast was ready to be
served. We asked Richard what he wanted and after mentioning a few pre-cooked items to him, he said that
he wanted french toast and orange juice. Not more than five minutes later Carol and I gave him his breakfast.
He was amazed. He said that he never received his breakfast so fast.  The equipment guys left at 9:30 a.m. to
start the long ride to the next show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We spent the rest of the morning socializing
with the guys from Texas and Cleveland. We left in the early afternoon to start our trip to Milwaukee.


We arrived in Milwaukee about 5:00 p.m. and as soon as we come in the door Syalis gives Carol her very
own tour pass. She was so excited because she did not get one in Chicago.

When we got there we found out that the scrims were left in Chicago. We had to make arrangements
through Griffin Records for them to have them picked up at the Park West and express delivered to Shank
Hall. The band arrived about one-half hour later. They did a quick sound check and everyone went out for
dinner at a restaurant called "Pasta?" about a block away.  We had a great time at dinner. We get back to the
show. The scrims finally arrived and Scott, Dave and I put them up just prior to the show starting.

Starts with "Ejection", first time played on tour. Very good show. Ron shows spirit, talks back to Dave on
stage. Group having loads of fun. Alan has technical difficulties but plays like he's Sonic Bass Assassin #1.
Alan's best show. Audience gets a good look at Pierre's lab coat and goes crazy (towards end of gig).

After the show Carol said her goodbyes to everyone in the band and to all who made the trip from Chicago.
Oh, me too! I went ahead to Boulder with the band. They asked me to come along and all I had were the
clothes on my back. I was really excited. Carol would have to send me my clothes, etc. to Boulder.
me a much needed item.  Since I crossed the border to Canada I could not bring them with me so I had to
borrow some. It was a good way to way to get familiar with the band. Richard showed a great interest in the
Ozric Tentacles. One of the first things we talked about and did was to trade White Zones for a subscription
to the "T of E". I promptly had the CD autographed. The afternoon passed quickly and soon the sound check
began. Rick and I went up to the balcony and enjoyed a front row seat where we enjoyed the sound check. It
was awesome. They started playing "Micro Man", "Spirit of the Age", and then went into a myriad of Calvert
era songs. What a blast from the past. We could see what we were in for. Sound check ends and we enjoy
more conversation with the band and other people who are gathering to see the show.  The band is quite
friendly. Everyone disappears and gets ready for the show. Venue is dark and seems to fill with the darkness.
Stays dark for a considerable length of time and then the opening band comes out. They were pretty good as
opening acts go. A long wait for the Hawk to come out. Concert starts with a soft synthy lead into "I am the
Eye That Looks Within". They sing "Choose Your Masks" to that melody. Which is a strange sounding mix
and gets a strange name to match "Choose Your Eye". They crept into "Micro Man". It was flashback time as
the crowd feels a simultaneous déja vu of times past.  "Shouldn't Do That" I see thrashing heads and lots of
people having fun to this sped-up rendition. "White Zone" is next and then "Golden Void". "Death Trap" just
another case of the crowd going wild an excellent version showing off Ron's enthusiasm and talent. He will fit
in well. Sounds like it's going to turn into "Damnation Alley" but turns into "Wastelands of Sleep". Next is
"Iron Dream" with words. They call it "The Dream Goes On" and on the new album it is titled "Are You
Losing Your Mind". Silicon chip in my head. "Assassins of Allah" starts and the crowd is frenzied. "Hashish"
with a strong ending. Next they go into an ambient piece called "Altair". It sounds familiar but I can't place it.
After cruising effortlessly through "Altair" a place in time where Ron changes costumes. "Robot" and the
crowd again goes wild. "Alien" a new song and an immediate hit with me and the rest of the fans. It has two
parts being "Alien" and the second part being "Elfin". On the new album it has several parts starting with the
introduction called "Abducted" which connects with "Alien I Am" which turns into "Reject Your Human
Touch" and kinds of ends with "Blue Skin". The album version is much different. "Urban Guerilla" another
real crowd pleaser. As far as I know has not been played since 1980. It also has a new reggae part towards
the end which sounded a little bit like a certain song off of "It Is The Business of the Future..." which I think
then slid into "White Zone".  "Silver Machine"...I can't believe it. I thought they would never play that song
again. It must have been 10 years since they played that song live.  The poem "Welcome to The Future" was
last on the set list. I really enjoyed the narration and so did everyone else.  The encore was "Sputnik Stan"
where Alan really kicks it in.

Interesting facts that happened at the show.  A girl dances on stage. As a first show, there were a lot of
technical difficulties but the band worked very hard and sorted it all out (or at least enough to get on stage).
Ron Tree does sound effects with a Vox mike and a delay pedal. This gives the band a new age sound. Ron's
influence also gives the band a power / psych / punk feel that creates a mixture of new and old sounds. They
played a lot of short strong versions of songs.  Most of them were connected. It seemed like a giant medley.

St. Catherine's

Another trip to Canada. We get there early again, hang out with a lot of the people we met the day before and
pretty much the same activities before the show. Before we get to the show we stop at a record store where I
find "Out and Intake" on Flicknife for $11.00 Canadian (about $9.00 U.S.). I was never able to find this CD
before. For today's show we are going to have a gauze curtain which is called a scrim in front of the band, I
believe similar to the "Live Legends" video. Rick and I were supposed to open it during "Altair" but the plans
were changed and Doug Smith and Rick Griffin rolled them back and earlier in the show like I suggested. It
was a great show, lots of weird (cool) people in costumes and trippers galore.

Set list included: Choose Your Eye, Micro Man, Do That, White Zone, Golden Void, Death Trap, Wastelands
of Sleep, Iron Dream, Assassins of Allah, Altair, Robot, Alien, Elfin, Urban Guerilla, Silver Machine, Welcome
to The Future, and LSD. Wow. Another unbelievable show with a large amount of songs played. Only one
bad thing: I have never been anywhere and heard such a loud crowd. They spent more time socializing than
watching the show. And when the band got louder so did they. It was a great show and a crazy audience.
LSD was liked poured out of a bottle into your brain. Going into uncharted neurochasms of your brain by
playing not-before-heard impromptu jams in the middle. Two most excellent passages. Ending very strong
with a most recognizable ending. A high power show that left the crowd stunned.
Hawkwind Tour Diary

My tour starts out with a train trip from Chicago to
Rick Schlenker's house in Buffalo, New York where I
spent the next few days. We travelled to Canada to see
the first two shows.


In Montreal they played at the Phoenix Theater. It was
a beautiful old place. Just perfect for Hawkwind. We
arrived there early but the band had already loaded in.
We went in and introduced ourselves. We got to meet
everyone in the band quickly. Jim Lascko was already
there and he introduced me to some of the band. The
first person I met from the band was Richard who gave

We spend two days in Boulder shopping, resting and
partying. Meet Mich in the first place I go (Perkins
Restaurant). Second place I went to Penny Lane, I
found Spot.  I bought a didgeridoo. Richard bought an
Indian headdress.

Starts with Ejection again. Dave was really brilliant the
keys. "Sputnik Stan" was really killer. Best light show
of tour. Old slides were used. The main reason the light
show was better was because a real projection screen
San Francisco

First song.  Sounds like "Levitation", no, "Out of the Shadows"...no, "Ejection". Yes. Then they just touch on
"25 Years On". "Shouldn't Do That" super fast version.  "White Zone". "Golden Void". Iron Dream "Hashish"
"Hassan-i-Sahba" "Space is Their (Palestine)" "Hassan-i-Sahba". "Altair" "Robot" is extra trippy, long and
ambient. Ron does great voice activated sound effects.  R-O-B-O-T.  "Alien" "Elfin".  Alan does some sound
effects on bass. "Pipe Dreams" "Sonic Attack". "Urban Guerilla" "Silver Machine". "Silver Machine" starts the
girls screaming and the crowd frenzies for this high energy version. Yes! "Welcome to the Future" the crowd
quiets to enjoy it. When the band comes back from the encore break Dave tells everyone it is the last night of
the tour, introduces Syalis the tour manager and roadies Alan and Scott and thanks everyone in the crew.  
"Sputnik Stan" is fantastic. "LSD" starts. I think she might die and we all go bonkers. This is an extra long
version complete with trains? How could you not love it?

Its over now. The giant wind down and go home. 2,500 miles in the back of the truck. Yo!


Thanks to Hawkwind and Big luv. I was lucky enough to become an honorary roadie, a part of the band and
so to speak. I helped load in, set up, break down, load out and with fan relations. It was a lot of fun. I was
lucky enough to see almost every show on the tour. I was treated very nicely and memories made on this trip
are many and beautiful. Boulder provides some of the best flashbacks.

I want to thank some of the people (the ones I remember any way) for all the help I received on this tour.

Hawkwind: Lots of luv, transportation, place to stay, everything.
Rick Schlenker: Rides, place to sleep, lots of help to the band.
Doug Walker: Hawklord, will do anything he can for the cause.
Allison Garber: Backstage passes.
Jim and Jerry Lascko and Scott O.: What JC call the "Church of Hawkwind" These guys truly deserve the
name. Jim is now doing the new official newsletter called "Strange Trips".
Ronnie Thain for the rides to the shows and he also helped the band load in and out.

Here's a list of Hawkwind fan clubs, fanzines, info networks:

Hawkfan: 27 Burdette Road, Wisbech, Cambs PE1 320R, England
Hawkfrenz: P.O. Box 6, Liscard, Wallasey, Merseyside L45 4SJ, England
Hawkzone: c/o John Mac Elhone, 50 Edquard Valliant, 93500 Pantin, France
The Kadu Flyer: 4 University Road, 303 Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
Hawkzine: Schillerstrasse 9, Eppstein 3, D65817 Germany
Hawkeye: 2 Oxford Avenue, London SW20 8LT, England
Hawk-U.S:. 503 S. Warminster Rd, F-2, Hatboro, PA 19040 USA
Strange Trips: 4485 W. 130th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44135 USA
Black Hawk: Via Del Campo 6R, 16124 Geneva, Italy
Hawkdisc/Hawknews: P.O. Box 2096 London W12 9ZA England
Hawkwind Merchandise: P.O. Box 7 Seaton Devon EX12 2TZ England
Delta Wave: 7716 Briaridge Road, Dallas, Texas 75248 USA

Hawkwind music sales - please send SAE to all of the above

I'm going to do a second issue on the Hawk. It will be special and here's how to order.  Send $5.00 in check
or money order to "Tentacles of Erpland" with your request for the "American Hawk Tales". You can still call
me about the Hawk.

Peace and Love,

Jim Collins P.O. Box 307
Crete, Illinois 60417

Telephone: (708) 755-5421
was used instead of the scrims. The size of the club also contributed to the light shows clarity and size