View From The Top

This interview with Stacia comes from a 1974 issue of Penthouse.  But calm yourself, it is just an
interview...thanks to Justin for digging it out and not getting the pages stuck together.
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Long, tall Stacia - the six foot lady
with the two-way sex life
used to be "strictly acid freak stuff" but now Stacia - no surname forthcoming, incidentally- is making it
her business to establish a rapport with her audience.  "In Newcastle I saw a boy who was obviously
totally freaked out on acid.  I slipped a ring off my finger and gave it to him.  Afterwards he told me it
had really made him happy.  I never rehearse, so if I can't get into the mood, then I just won't go on.  
Even if the band thought I'd danced badly, they wouldn't say so because the whole idea is spontaneity."

Stacia was 21 last December ("I'm still a kid"), and now lives in Earls Court with two men, two other
girls, and two budgerigars.  She is happily bisexual, which works out rather conveniently because her
boyfriend is Arthur Kane, of the notorious New York Dolls rock band.  "I adore getting drunk with him.  
It doesn’t matter if I never see him again; I'll always love him.  I have his pictures on the budgie
cage."  As Kane is bisexual as well, he can have no hang-ups regarding Stacia's girlfriend, a German lady
called Ingrid.  As well as this interesting ménage, Stacia has countless other admirers.  When
Hawkwind appeared in Los Angeles, a 36-year-old man vowed that he would follow her to the ends of
the earth, though the ladies who admire Stacia tend to be more interested in what she's really like
underneath the greasepaint and exotica.  She's defiantly opposed to Women's Lib: "I'd rather sit at home
and let the men do all the work.  They should make enough money to pay for a maid."  On further
consideration, that sounds extremely liberated.

In the course of our interview Stacia demolished several glasses of wine and we asked if she took a shot
of Dutch Courage before she went on.  "Of course, she admitted, "it calms my nerves.  I'm not as over-
confident as people think.  I drink like two fishes, but I don't seem to get drunk.  I can still be relatively
together after a couple of hours boozing.  I love Tequila: it gives you that terrific warm feeling, doesn't

As she says herself, Stacia isn't as self-assured and daunting as her public image suggests.  She wants to
record a solo single without making a split with Hawkwind, but it was only under pressure that she
confessed that she has actually written some songs herself.  "I want to try everything" she affirmed, then
added "You know, if I got an acting role, I'd take it...but it could only be in a horror movie.  One guy in
the States said I looked like Dracula's Aunt Trixie.  We all invited him to dinner and he thought we were
going to beat him up."
What makes Hawkwind concerts rather different
from those offered by the current crop of rock
bands is the fact that they possess a 42-28-39 asset
called Stacia.  At the magic moment when the
music really starts getting under your skin, Stacia
makes her entrance - dancing, miming and
generally interpreting the sounds in her own, very
unique fashion; usually wearing little but
greasepaint.  With the above-mentioned statistics
and standing six feet tall, Stacia is an impressive
lady: as she so rightly says, "If I could get my
waist down to 18 I'd have the same shape as

Though she is now an indispensable member of
Hawkwind, her onstage gyrations started very
informally.  "I saw the band in Exeter," she recalls,
"and got invited to a rehearsal.  Then I went with
them to a concert in Redruth.  We were all bombed
out of our heads and I asked if I could dance
onstage.  So we found some greasepaint, I made
up and on I went."  Stacia joined Hawkwind full
time in 1971 but she insists that she has had no
formal dance training.  "I was kicked out of ballet
school when I was 10 because I was too tall.  
Besides, if you enjoy expressing yourself, training
schools can ruin whatever talent you may have."  
Her dancing