Hawkwind Wallpaper - Part 3

I created the fractal-based images; the fantasy illustrations are Barney Bubbles pieces, and each one is
said to represent or to have been inpsired by a particular Hawkwind song.  However I don't know
which songs go with which images - email me
here if you know...

Here's a theory from Big Dave: "if I remember rightly the prints represent members of the band...the
warrior is Bob....the elven family is Dave's....the motorbike dude is Nik...the brontosaurus is
Terry...the woman on the dragon is Stacia..." (12/11/03: names of designs added)

Each image shown here is 800 x 600 (or close to it) but the *apparent* size has been reduced so
they'll fit on the page nicely.  To download any of these images, right-click on it and select Set As
Background.  If your screen resolution is set to some setting other than 800 x 600, right-click on the
image and select Save Picture As.  Navigate to where you want to save it, and then use a graphics
package to resize the saved image to whatever you need.
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