Where Are They Now?

Can't find that Hawkwind website?...read on...

In Memoriam - some of the Hawkwind websites that are no longer with us are remembered
here.  Where some of the content is still available on another site I have provided the necessary
links below.  (Yeah all right then, this is just a dead links page)

14/05/2003: Great news: Bob Lennon gets a huge vote of thanks for discovering a free web
service that archives vanished pages.  You can still get to some of these sites!  Details are given
below, by each site for which an archive entry exists (they're not all there)

This web service is called The Internet Archive Wayback Machine and is at
Welcome To The Future
This was for a long time billed as the Official Hawkwind site, but
the band themselves had no control over it.  The URL of
http://www.hawkwind com of course now points to
Control.  Welcome To The Future went through 3 complete site
(re)designs; this logo is from the middle period.  Sadly, very little
of the content from the old site has been made available elsewhere
- a Lemmy interview is
Scatter's Lost Reality
This was an Australian fansite, which vanished in 1999 or so.  What was good about it was the
author's Hawkwind Windows 95 theme.  That lives on at a general desktop theme site,
here.  Mr.
(or Ms.) Scatter's URL is not on record anywhere but was in the domain of quantum.net.au,
which itself is no more.
Andy Cobley's Sonic Attack
Hosted on the Dundee University site (URL was http://alpha.mic.dundee.ac.uk/~acobley/sonix.cgi)
Sonic Attack was a graphics-intensive site with a lot of special effects and 1980's live pictures.  
Andy has now resurrected this site which is at a new URL, here :
Spirit Of The P/age
Put together by Knut Gerwers, this
German site was the ultimate multimedia
experience and was dedicated to Robert
Calvert, and not just his work with
Hawkwind, either.  The URL was
Although none of the content is currently
available elsewhere, the good news is that
Spirit Of The P/age is coming back, with
additional material.  It will reappear on the
Aural Innovations site when ready...
Mike's Photographicals
Hosted on the Reading University site (URL was
http://www.reading.ac.uk/~keswrims/hwkpix.htm), this site featured exclusive photos and reviews
of Hawkwind playing live in 1997, particularly at Blackheath.  Sadly, this stuff is gone for good, as
Mike tells me he did not get time to take a copy of these materials...
Hawkwind Space College
URL was http://www.nlci.com/users/flossbac/hawkwind.html  This site was created by John
Majka and IIRC was pitched as an introduction to Hawkwind for those (particularly those
Americans) who would not have been exposed to the band before.  There were some good
descriptions of what they sound like and an amusing reproduction of an NME article..  This is a site
that could be expected to make a comeback as John is still knocking around the place :-)
Kevin Sommers is the gentleman who brought this site to the web.  Like many of the best HW sites,
Novadrive had a unique 'angle', and it was to focus on Hawkwind art - information about the artists
who came up with their album covers, lots of Barney Bubbles graphics and plenty of art created by
Kevin himself.  The URL was http://members.home.net/novadrive.  Mr. Sommers has since created
new Novadrive site which does not, as yet, contain any of the old content.  But maybe one of
these days...
Sonique's Hawkwind Universe (logo above)
Paul Ward's site, Sonique was located at http://www.pcmicro.com.au/~Sonique/Hawkwind and
guess what, it's reappeared (June 2004)  Most of the links, which were Sonique's biggest strength,
are dead, but there's still quite a bit of interest to be found on the site, for example in the photo
gallery and the trivia sections.
9.  Golden Void
The URL of the Golden Void was http://www.enteract.com/~weil/golden_void - Frank Weil recently
(Feb 2003) closed it down, but not before offering the content to whoever wanted to host it, which
was very public spirited of him!  Golden Void's particular strengths were the Gig Lists which
accounted for just about all of Hawkwind's live performances from their formation in 1969 up until
Frank last updated the site in 1998.  I've brought them up to date and they're all listed on my
Resources page, with the setlists put into chronological rather than alphabetical order (i.e. the songs
are listed in the order they were played).  Thanks are due to Bernhard Pospiech for this!

However, there was a lot more on the Golden Void, much of which I have picked up - see the
Fest 1991 Interview, the BBC Radio 1 1993 Interview, the Nik Turner 31/12/93 interview, the
Chicago Cubby Bear gig review, the Nik Turner's Space Ritual gig review, the Hawkwind at
Strange Daze '97 photos, the Nik Turner at Strange Daze '97 photos, the Hawkwind Timeline
1968-1982 and the Hawkwind Timeline 1983-1997.  I have more of Frank's stuff which may yet
see the light of day, so keep coming back!
55.Vince Gillard's HawkFest 2002 photographs
...were with us all too briefly, between August and October 2002... but today (Oct 8th 2004) Vince
emailed me to say that they are back online, at
a slightly different URL
139.The Collections
...was a site displaying & selling a private UK collector's Hawkwind memorabilia.  It was at this
URL: http://www.thecollections.co.uk   I wish I'd snaffled some of the photos....
They grow not old, as we that are left grow old;

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning

We will remember them.
90.  Hawkwind Backstage Polaroids
Dating from Dec 1985, these were at http://fp.kurgan.f9.co.uk/tim_photos_hawkwind_index.htm.  
They included the COTBS actors and a rather clean-cut looking DikMik - and now Tim Pollard, the
Evil Sherriff, has reposted them
here!  (Oct 2004: they've disappeared again....)
14/05/2003: Some of  Welcome To The Future lives on here; check the Archive links for old
press cuttings and some photos; and the Interviews link for the Cyberspace Interviews
25/08/2004: Spirit of the P/age is back  - at http://aural-innovations.com/robertcalvert
14/05/2003: But the good news is that it's been archived here and also here
14/05/2003: The text from this site has been archived here but none of the photos, it would seem
14/05/2003: The main page of Novadrive has been archived here but the links don't
work.,Right-click each link, select 'Copy Shortcut' and search for that URL within
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